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Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st Day Strength Training

FOOD – 784 Calories Total
I definitely didn’t eat the lasagna tonight. Just the smell of it in the house was making me nauseous. I should have skipped dinner altogether tonight because I wasn’t hungry and nothing sounded good, but I didn’t. I just ate some random stuff because I hadn’t eaten in a while so I guess I felt like I should. It was way too late to be eating though. Oh well, luckily I didn’t make too terrible of choices. I am finishing the day with about 51 oz of water.

Dinner 8:30 pm – 471 calories
15 Wheat Thin Vegetable Crackers with
3 T Whipped Cream Cheese & Jalapeno Slices
1 C Sliced Cucumber & 1 C Cherry Tomatoes
with 2 T Hummus

And 2.5 oz Sweet Potato Fries

Billy came over tonight and helped me with an arms and shoulders routine. I really like working out with him because he pushes me, but yet he doesn’t push me too far. He also helps me on form and is always very encouraging. He has been wanting to work out more again too, so he said he would try to come over a couple of days a week to workout with me.

- 10 min Elliptical: Random – LV 1-3 – 1.21 mi – 132 calories
(after the warm up we did 2 circuit’s each with 4 exercises 2 times)

Circuit 1 (all free weights):
- Side Ab Machine: 40# - 10x’s each side (1st time)
                             50# - 10x’s each side (2nd time)
- Bicep Curls (Knuckles In): 5# - 15x’s each arm (both times)
- Tricep Extensions (laying down): 5# - 15x’s each arm (both times)
- Seated Dumbbell Press: 5# - 15x’s (both times)

Circuit 2 (all free weights except Triceps):
- Crunches on the Ball (feet together): 50 (both times)
- Bicep Curls (Knuckles Up): 5# - 15x’s each arm (both times)
- Tricep Push Down: 10# - 10x’s each arm (both times)
- Hitler Deltoid Raises: 5# - 10x’s (both times)

- 10 min Elliptical: Random – LV 1-3 – 1.25 mi – 136 calories

It felt great to lift some weights again. It has been over a year since I have done any sort of strength training, so it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to our next workout!

Couch to 5K – run 3 min stretches at 6.0 (I might die)
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories
• Post my Blog Link on Facebook (kind of scary)

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