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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1...Success!

Woo Hoo for a successful first day!

FOOD - 1,072 Calories
My eating wasn't much of an issue today; I wound up at 1,072 calories. I usually try to stick between 1200-1300. I have to go grocery shopping this weekend and plan out my meals for next week better.

So at about 4:00 today I started dreading my work out, for no good reason! I knew I was going to take it easy, and I don't hate working out, but I was definitely not looking forward to it. Then, when I walked into the house after work, the couch was just calling my name! I stuck to the plan though, and changed clothes and hit the gym immediately before I could talk myself out of it.  My goal was to just make myself walk at a descent pace for 30 minutes. Once I got going though, I got pumped up and even ran a bit.

COUCH TO 5K: Pre-Week Day 1
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 - 2.1 Miles - 325 Calories Burned
  • Walk 10 min @ 4.0
  • Run 1 min @ 6.0
  • Walk 2 min @ 4.0
  • Run 1 min @ 6.0
  • Walk 3 min @ 4.0
  • Run 1 min @ 6.0
  • Walk 12 min @ 4.0
So, it's going to take me a couple of weeks to get over this 'hump' and develop a routine, but I am very proud with how today turned out! You will notice a pattern with me...I am big on goals! Setting even small goals for myself each day helps me to stick to the 'bigger plan'. I thought about quitting early several times tonight after about 15 minutes, but I kept telling myself "30 minutes, I just have to make it 30 minutes!"

Treadmill for 30 minutes - Run for 5 of those minutes


  1. I've started doing a similar treadmill run/walk thing. Seems to work well. I switch from walk to run and vice versa every 50 calories burned, according to the treadmill. 4mph walk for 50 cal, 5.5 run for 25 cal, 7.5 run for 25 cal. Until I get to 500 cal or 1 hr, whichever is higher. Every other day. Good luck to you!

  2. That is awesome...and much more advanced than I am so far! Good luck to you too!