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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Dilemma: Time

To me, my time is more important than many other things in my life. I have joked before that I would even prefer more time off from work over a raise (neither are going to happen in this economy). I have been very frustrated for a while now, feeling like I run from one thing to the next. I get off of work sometime between 5-5:30, and it seems like by the time I work out, make/eat dinner, shower, iron clothes for the next day, blog, etc. it's past bedtime! This is actually one of the reasons I put off working out until recently. I really wish I had more ME time to relax, and not have anything pressing that needs to be done. Now I know that to many people, working out is their ‘me’ time, and they enjoy every minute of it. While I am beginning to enjoy exercise again, it is still something to check off of my daily to do list. I love doing crafts, and watching TV, and just piddling around the house, but I can’t seem to find time for any of these things anymore. My sleep has been lacking to compensate for the busier schedule, and that definitely isn’t the answer. I guess this is an age old complaint though! Everybody wishes there were more time in the day.

I suppose rather than complain about it, I need to continue improving my time management skills. I am very organized, and keep a written daily plan with times listed of what I want/need to do when, and I have to focus on sticking to it better. My other idea for now is to attempt morning workouts again ~SIGH~. I am NOT a morning person at all, so I really am not a fan of this idea, but I’m starting to think that even if I try it 2 mornings a week just to free up those evenings a bit, it might be worth it. What is your opinion though? Will it never become easier to wake up early if I don’t do it every day? I am going to need a few days to psych myself up for this new early morning adventure. I’ll work it into next week’s goals. What works best for you to feel like you are balancing all of your day to day tasks with sanity?


  1. My healthy lifestyle made me sick from the lack of sleep. Ironic. I opted for early waking instead of evening workouts and hadn't reconsidered an evening workout until reading your entry here. I missed this morning's workout so I could get an extra hour of sleep to try and heal this lingering runny nose. Maybe I'll see what the gym looks like tonight… Cheers

  2. Lack of sleep does seem to be an issue, just because there are so many things to do now. So did you go to the gym last night?