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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game Night Rocked!

We had a blast at our Game Night last night! I ended up at 2,195 Calories for the day. Not good, but that’s what alcohol will do. All of the vegetables were gone at the end of the night. I was worried the guys would be annoyed by all of the healthy food and no junk food, but they loved it too! Check out the great spread…

The Buffet

Turkey Chili & Cowboy Beans

Here’s how my day broke down:

Breakfast 9:00am – 190 calories
4 Mini Blueberry Muffins & ½ C Blueberries

Snack 1:00pm – 140 Calories
Fiber One Bar

Dinner 7:30pm – 430 Calories
1 C Turkey Chili,
1/3 C Shredded Cheese, 1 oz Fritos,
2 T FF Sour Cream, & Green Onion Garnish

Throughout the Night – 1,005 CaloriesVeggies with 2 T Hummus
7 Corona Lights
2 Gin & Dt. Tonic’s

Late Night Snack 1:00am – 430 Calories
1 C Turkey Chili, 1/3 C Shredded Cheese,
10 Crackers, & 2 T FF Sour Cream

I wish I would have skipped on the late night snack. I was hungry and everybody else was eating again, so I did too. I am so glad that I limited my calories earlier in the day. I have been back on track today though, so all is good and the party was a hit! Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Our Friends Jeremy & Annslee

and Heck & Stacey

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