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Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Planning Paying Off

I had my Dr.’s appointment today to weigh in and take my blood pressure etc. because I am on Phentermine. It was my first weigh in since I started this in August that I didn’t lose weight, and even gained a pound. Kind of bummed, but I am choosing to look at it as a somewhat positive since I usually do much worse during the holiday’s, and I am back on track! I got kind of worried for a minute though that I wasn’t going to be able to be on it anymore because my blood pressure was way high. I have always had great blood pressure, even when I was at my heaviest, so I immediately knew what the culprit was: W-O-R-K! It has been causing me a lot of frustration and anxiety lately and this morning I was so upset about it that I could feel my heart pounding in my throat! I told the nurse so she re-took it and told me to imagine drinking a margarita on the beach…and it worked! Blood pressure back to normal in a matter of 15 minutes! I asked if I could have a note from the Dr. for time off because it causes me to have high blood pressure…we both laughed and I went back to work.

FOOD – 785 Calories
So I committed diet rule no-no #1 today, and skipped breakfast. I knew I had to weigh in at 11:30, and knew I was already going to gain weight, so I didn’t want to add even another tenth of a pound.

Lunch 1:00pm – 468 Calories
1 ½ Cups Turkey Taco Soup
1 oz Fritos
1/3 C Shredded Cheddar Cheese
3 T Fat Free Sour Cream

Dinner 5:30pm – 317 Calories
1 ½ Porcupine Balls (see Recipe below)
½ C Instant Mashed Potatoes
½ C Green Beans
½ C Tomato Soup Gravy

My plan to eat dinner at work didn’t happen today because I had the Dr.’s appointment so I didn’t have time to go home and get the Porcupine Balls and make mashed potatoes, etc. over my lunch break. So I did the dumbest thing I could think of and inhaled dinner 30 minutes before my workout. I knew better, and won’t be making the same mistake any time soon. I was fine, but my stomach full of meatballs didn’t appreciate all of the jumping around. The good news is that I didn’t eat after 7! It is amazing how accountable this little blog keeps me. Nobody even reads it yet and I still don’t want to disappoint. I drank about 67 oz of water today.

Porcupine Ball Recipe (one of my favorites)
Per 1 lb. of Hamburger:
½ C. Rice
1 T. Onion
1 t. Salt
¼ t. Pepper
1 C. Tomato Soup
¾ C. Water

Combine rice, onion, salt, pepper, and burger. Roll into balls and cook 1-1 ½ hours on medium in soup and water.

I used extra lean ground beef and I used a family size can of Tomato Soup because I like it to make extra gravy for the mashed potatoes. I also mix about ½ C of the soup (no water) into the meatballs for added moisture. Pure comfort food! And not too bad on the calories!

I finally got to go to Zumba tonight and really enjoyed it! It was a 45 minute class, and was different from the ones I have been to in the past. This girl didn’t walk us through the steps before each song like the other instructors usually do. It was also shoulder-to-shoulder packed, but I still managed to get a descent workout in and really enjoyed her music selection and energy! I definitely want to keep going, but I also want to go to some of the Tuesday/Thursday classes that seem more suited for people with no coordination, like myself.

I noticed when I saw today’s class on the schedule that it was listed as ‘bilingual’. I didn’t really give it much thought, as I live in a town with a very large Hispanic population. I was cracking up by the end of the class though because I was in the back and it was so obvious just by watching from behind which of us girls where oh-so-white, and which girls were Latina. Most of us white girls looked so stiff and lacking of any rhythm, meanwhile the Hispanic girls made shaking their booty and rolling their hips look easy. I am pretty sure God did not make my body to move like that, but I am darned sure gonna try to mimic their moves

• Attend Zumba Class – 55 min.
Couch to 5K (actually starting the real week 1)
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1300 Calories

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