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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In the 170's!!!

This news deserved a post all to itself…I finally hit in the 170’s this morning!!! I haven’t seen the 170’s since 2007 so I am ecstatic! It was such a perfect day for it too. It was my first AM workout in a year, and my first day to jog for 3 minutes straight. Again, I know 3 minutes is nothing, but I think the mental hurdle was more about now referring to the length of time running in minutes VS seconds. It’s much easier to trick myself into thinking 90 seconds, no biggy. But 3 minutes is double that and seemed more scary.

So towards the end of my first 3 minute stretch this morning I started thinking about the weight loss (this officially puts me at my HALF WAY point), and how far I have come in the past few months, and the past couple of weeks in particular. I’m pretty sure I just about started to cry out of joy. I said a quick ‘Thank You’ prayer and just felt so happy! So it’s official; 179.8. It’s all downhill from here (I wish)!

Booya! :)

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