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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Today Only Tuesday?!

Yes, that is how I really feel. I am so exhausted I can’t hardly stand myself! I tried taking my Phentermine again the last two days and guess what…no sleep! Not exaggerating, I’m pretty sure my combined sleep last night was less than an hour and I was dreaming that whole time so it wasn’t restful. So I’m back off of it today. The funny thing is that I don’t really think I need it anymore anyways. I haven’t been any hungrier today than yesterday. I think my stomach has already shrunk enough that I am naturally eating less. I was reading some of the forums about Phentermine the other day, and the side effects vary quite a bit from person to person. Most people get a ton of energy from it, but I don’t usually. So no added energy + insomnia = no more Phentermine for me. I might try it again later if I need help with the last few pounds, but I’m hoping that by adding exercise into my routine now, I won’t need it.

FOOD – 919 Calories
I still didn’t have enough calories today, but I ate plenty and wasn’t hungry, so I’m not too worried. Apparently my body needed fruit today, because I was craving it and had 3 pieces. I only drank about 33 oz of water today though. I get so busy at work that I simply forget to take a drink.

Breakfast 8:15am – 105 Calories
1 Banana

Snack 10:30am – 280 Calories
2 Boiled Eggs
2 Slices Reduced Fat Pepperjack Cheese
2 Lifesavers

Lunch 1:00pm – 386 Calories
5 oz. Breaded Baked Chicken with Light Mayo and Mustard Dipping Sauce

Dinner 6:00pm – 148 Calories
¾ Red Apple
¾ Pear

The scene in my office at 5:01 today: I go to my friend’s cubicle right next to mine “Hey are you going tonight?” She said, “I don’t know, my stomach kind of hurts.” I said, “Yeah my head kind of hurts and I’m exhausted.” Meanwhile we’re both making mopey faces at each other trying to talk ourselves out of it and finally I said “No! We’re going! Neither one of us are sick, we just want to go sit on the couch.” We start to laugh then the girl one cubicle down comes by “Hey are you guys going tonight?” And so the process starts over again of us back and forth. So again, I finally said “We are ALL going…no excuses girls…right?!” It was kind of comical, but at least we stuck to the plan and stayed on track! The 3 of us have been saying “we’ll go tomorrow” for months now, so we have to keep up the momentum!

So we went to Zumba again tonight, at a different gym though. It was a 55 minute class and was a pretty good work out. I didn’t sweat a whole lot, but my shoulder muscles will for sure be sore tomorrow. So, is it bad if your workout makes you crave Mexican food? All of the Latin music makes me want chips and salsa and a margarita! Mexican food is my favorite! Anyway, I didn’t do the Couch to 5K today, because I decided to do it tomorrow, Friday, and Sunday so my husband can run with me.

Couch to 5K (actually starting the real week 1)
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1300 Calories

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