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Friday, January 22, 2010

PJ Weekend

MY SISTER IS IN TOWN!!! I am so excited I have had a smile on my face all day! We have so much fun together now that we are all grown up! We have big plans of relaxing in our PJ’s most of the weekend doing crafts and watching movies. We will be visiting the gym too though, so don’t you worry!

FOOD – 1,461 Calories
Another failed breakfast attempt! I tried pumpkin yogurt today, and it was a no go too…ended up in the trash! I think the problem today was the Greek Yogurt. I wasn’t a fan of the sour in it mixed with the pumpkin. At least I tried something new though! I ended up just eating the Granola I took to top the Yogurt with.

Breakfast 9:30am – 105 calories
1/3 C Cascadian Farm Organic
Cinnamon Raisin Granola

I skipped my lunch break today so I could get off of work early when my sister got into town, so I ended up eating a random lunch at my desk.

Lunch 12:00pm – 395 calories
2 Boiled Eggs, 2 Mini Lt. Babybel Cheeses,
1 C Veggies, 2T Hummus, Chocolate Jello Mousse

I prepped dinner a couple of nights ago and Sky had it in the oven ready for me when I got home tonight.

Chicken/Rice/Veggie Casserole:
12 oz Chicken
1 C (before cooked) Cooked Brown Rice
¼ C Cream of Mushroom
1 C Veggies
1” Velveeta
I should have used less Velveeta & more Cream of Mushroom
to save calories and still taste great!

Dinner 5:00pm – 310 calories
I ate ¼ of the above Casserole Recipe
(not the most appealing picture but tasted awesome)

Right before heading to the gym we made some Protein Cakes that I found on April’s Blog. Finally a new recipe that I like!

Protein Cakes:
½ Scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
1 T 100% Cocoa Powder
¼ t Baking Powder
2 Packets Sweetener of choice
1 T Pumpkin or Applesauce
3 T Liquid Egg Whites or 1 Egg White
Mixed Together in Microwavable Cup

Microwave for 1 minute

Use a knife to loosen from cup, place upside down &
let cake slide out onto a plate

Cut in half and top/fill with your choice
(peanut butter, yogurt, cream cheese, Light Whipped Cream)

Snack 5:45pm – 75 calories
½ Protein Cake w/4 T Light Whipped Cream

After trying on clothes and a trip to the gym, we were ready for a snack (yes I did eat past 7:00 tonight).

Snack 9:00pm – 180 calories
6 piece of Sushi (California & Spicy Shrimp Roll’s)

And we got our drink on (just a bit). I have had 2 Corona Lights so far, and plan to have 2 more before we call it a night. So…

Beer 9pm-12am – 396 calories
4 Corona Lights

Obviously I know that if I would skip on the beer tonight I would be right in line for the day again. However, 1) it is Friday & 2) Laura is in town, & 3) Beer tastes really good! OK the last one is lame because a lot of things taste good, but whatev! Today I only got in about 59 oz of water.

My run was much easier today, so I am going to be able to step it up a bit tomorrow!

Couch to 5K: Week 2 Day 2
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 2.22 Miles - 340 Calories Burned

• 5 min Walk @ 4.0
• 21 min: 90 sec. Run @ 5.5 – 2 min. Walk @ 4.0
(6 times alternating)
• 4 min Walk @ 4.0

Couch to 5K (e/o Run @ 5.5 & e/o @ 6.0)
P90X Ab Ripper X
• Go for a nice afternoon Walk (weather permitting)
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1500 Calories

So I’ll admit it…Laura and I have already contemplated more than once today whether or not we will stick to the healthy eating plan tomorrow. We both want to, but we both also love junk food! We are so used to getting together and stuffing our faces in ‘celebration’. As of now, I have every intention of sticking to the plan and making good choices. Wish me luck that we don’t talk each other into bad choices because of old habits. I imagine we will go over the usual 1200, which is ok, I just don’t want to completely blow it for the hell of it.

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