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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Planning & Prepping for Next Week

I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning planning and grocery shopping for next week, and some time today prepping. It worked great last week when I planned and prepped meals for the entire week on Saturday, so I’m doing it again!

I tend to fall into the same old same old food rut, and we get bored of eating the same things each week. I have been reading several blog’s lately and asking friends for healthy recipe ideas, so I’m excited to shake things up a bit. My grocery list was huge, but well thought out I hope!

A few of the recipes I plan to try this week:
• Salad in a Glass/Green Monster: Jess’s Blog
• Flax Crusted Sweet Potato Balls: Caitlin’s Blog
• Protein Cakes: April’s Blog
• I’m getting more creative with my Oatmeal & Yogurt: Inspired by Jess’s Blog
• I’m going to re-create my delicious BBQ Shrimp Fajitas from Abuelo’s, but make them healthier at home

I am ordering Amazing Grass online tonight (the Health Food store here doesn’t carry it). I am also hoping that the stores around here get pumpkin back in stock soon, apparently there is a pumpkin shortage I wasn’t aware of, and several of my meal ideas this week need pumpkin!

Annslee, one of my friends from work, helped me think of a few ideas too. Mostly meals I already know how to make, but for some reason just don’t ever think to make them (Mexican Spaghetti, Healthy Burgers, Roasted Veggies, etc). Hopefully all of my prepping today will pay off next week with a weight loss!

Squash, Zucchini, Onions, & Asparagus for Roasted Veggies
Ham/Pickle/Cream Cheese Roll’s for Snacking
Sautéed (in Cooking Spray) Onions for a Casserole
Mexican Spaghetti
Peppers & Onions for Fajitas
Peppers for Snacking

Fiber One Banana Nut Muffins…Yummm

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