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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Have to Escape this Rut

OK, I officially suck...this week at least! I have started creating my plan for next week though, and will be much more successful!

FOOD - 1,639 Calories Friday - 1,272 Calories Saturday (today)
I called in to work for the first time ever on Friday because I had a killer headache and just needed to rest. We ended up eating Taco Bell for Lunch, and then I made Taco Soup for dinner. The Taco Soup was a new Crock Pot Recipe I was trying, made with Turkey Burger. It was a good, low calorie recipe, until I added cheese & Fritos. I did at least manage to get in around 80 oz of water.

My calories somehow ended up ok today, but not because I ate healthy at all! I had a few Oreos for breakfast, and then made fried rice for a late lunch/early dinner, followed by a glass of white wine. The fried rice actually isn't that bad, as far as calories go, but of course has very little protein and I used white instead of brown rice. I drank about 70 oz of water today.

I didn't work out either day. I was at least running errands and cleaning house today so I wasn't just sitting around, but definitely let myself down.

Tomorrow, I WILL stay under 1,300 calories by eating right, and I WILL go to the gym for at least 30 minutes.


  1. It's great to see that you have gone so far in your progress since the beginning! Keep it up and continue blogging! It's a great way of keeping track of things.
    I found thet crock pots are generally faily healthy, not counting salt, if you keep fat in them to a minimum and load them with some clean meats. But I find it hard to calculate/estimate calories so I stay away from them and eat simple foods instead.

  2. Yeah sodium will be one of my next things to focus on and try to reduce. I am a salt addict. I know it is bad, but for now I choose not to worry about it until I get a handle on my calories and exercising again. My husband gets on to me about it all the time though!