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Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight Isn't Everything

I weighed in at 181.6 this morning. Kind of a bummer because I have been stuck around this weight for a month now. I knew it was going to happen, because I weigh every morning, and the scale just isn’t budging. I have been pretty down about it this week, but still managed to stick to my plan to a T. I do know my cycle effects my weight quite a bit, and after reading Kath’s post about it yesterday it reminded me to keep that in perspective. However my cycle doesn’t explain a 1 month plateau. This happened back in November too though where I was stuck for like a month and then all of a sudden, Thanksgiving week of all weeks, I dropped like 8 pounds or something! My body is really weird like that where it hesitates for so long, and then finally just gives in. It makes the long stretches hard to not get discouraged, but makes the losing stretches very exciting!

The reason I am not too worried right now (yet) is that I really feel like I look better lately (even if the scale disagrees). And to confirm that, I had probably 7 or 8 people stop me today alone to tell me that they have really noticed my weight loss more lately. One girl even told me that her boyfriend said he has to do a double take to recognize me these days! I don’t think people even know how good it feels to hear these words of encouragement from time to time! I don’t need it every day, but it always seems to come just at the right time!

So to top that, I pulled down my 2 boxes of size 12’s and I fit in about ½ of them!!! As I gained weight, I was in major denial and so I held on to most of my clothes as they no longer fit. Last time we moved I sorted through them all and put them in storage boxes by size, and have them labeled in the top of my closet for added motivation. It is so exciting to get to pull down a new box and have a whole ‘new’ wardrobe! I started this journey barely in 16’s. They were getting too snug, and I was mortified to have to start shopping in the plus sizes (one of my huge motivators to take action). It took losing 35 pounds before I got into my 14’s, which I have been in for a couple of months now. Yesterday the girls in the office were teasing me that my suit (the only one that I currently fit in) looked ridiculous because it didn’t fit anywhere. When I pulled the boxes down today it was just to see how close they were to fitting, because I knew I wasn’t a size 12 yet. But sure enough, I am almost there! 2 of the suits fit, a pair of jeans, 2 dresses, and a couple of shirts. Just the added boost I needed to re-affirm that my efforts aren’t in vein.

P.S. I think I’m pretty close to seeing some new numbers again!


  1. You should check into It's a free weight tracking site that uses weighed running averages so the daily weight fluctuations are taken out of the equation and it lets you look at your weight in a more objective sense. The weight loss will trail on their charts compared to what the scale says but it will not bounce around from day to day making progress more measurable.

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out! I currently use the Lose It! App on my iPhone which graphs it for me, but I haven't taken the time to play with what all it can do.

  3. Weightbot for iphone projects completion date. I like it. I've been having 2 week plateaus for the last couple months. Then, like you said, sudden drops. You never know. Just gotta track and be consistent. Keep it up. Good looking meals you're making!

  4. Consistancy has definitely been my downfall. I am getting better, but still tend to fold under pressure. Thanks!