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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yesterday's Recap

I wasn’t good about posting this weekend, because it just flew by! My sister left after dinner, and I’m so sad! We had such a great time, but didn’t have time to do half of what we had planned! I need another two days!

FOOD – ???? Calories
I did awesome yesterday, right up until dinner time. We were tired, craving nachos, and I gave into peer pressure. It makes me feel kind of stupid when I make choices like that, because I imagine it is a large part of the reason why I am stuck at the same weight for a month now. I do good all week, to do bad on the weekend. The only positive thing about the ordeal is that I used to throw in the towel all weekend, whereas this weekend, it was just one meal on one day. Goal for next weekend: don’t be stupid & give into temptations!!!

Breakfast 10:30am – 342 calories
1 C Cascadian Farm Organic
Cinnamon Raisin Granola
1/3 C FF Skim Milk

For lunch I made a Chicken Salad recipe that I found on Kath’s Blog. She made hers with salmon, but I’m not a huge seafood fan, so I tried it with chicken and it was fabulous & fresh!

Lunch 3:00pm – 363 calories
3 oz Sweet Potato Fries
Chicken Salad with 1 Can Chicken,
3 oz Carrots, 1 ½ C Cucumber, 1 C Tomato,
1 t. Diced Jalapeno , ¼ C Lt. Mayo, ¼ C Mustard,
Minced Onion, Dill, Cayenne, Tony C’s, S&P
(I divided this into 3 servings)

Like I said, we didn’t get home from shopping until late and so we took the easy & unhealthy route to dinner at Abuelo’s. I had my fair share of Chips & Salsa & Queso & Guacamole, then Laura and I shared Fajita Nachos (each ate about 1/3), and a Margarita Meltdown. OK, this is certainly not healthy and like a trillion calories, but this thing was amazing! We were really weary about trying a Margarita mixed with a Corona, but it was so good!

Then when we got home I had a glass of wine. I wonder if I will ever learn my lesson?! Unhealthiness aside, every time I eat/drink like this my IBS & Acid Reflux get so much worse. My stomach is hating me today!

We skipped our workout last night too. The good thing is that we were on our feet shopping most of the day, so at least we weren’t sedentary.

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