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Sunday, February 28, 2010

15 min Jog - All Mental

Today was another good day...and I added in exercise again! Boo for the end of the weekend though!

FOOD - 1,334 Calories
I started with a light breakfast this morning so I could go to the gym.

Breakfast 10:30am - 90 Calories
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fiber One Bar

I was craving a McChicken and Fries today, but decided that I would make my own instead of going to McDonalds to save on calories a bit. I knew it would still be kind of high in calories, but also knew that I could have more food for fewer calories if I made it at home. It hit the spot!

Lunch 2:00pm - 870 Calories
Chicken Patty on Bun with 2 T Mayo & Lettuce
with 3 oz Waffle Fries & 3 oz Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner 6:45pm - 324 Calories
1 C leftover homemade Pasta Salad

When Sky got home and made dinner I had a couple of bites of his, about 50 calories worth.

I jogged for 15 minutes straight today!!! I decided that at this point it is definitely more mental than physical. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty sore, but I definitely struggled with the mental aspect much more than the physical. When I went to the gym I had the goal of jogging for 15 minutes. Then, once I got going I started thinking, well maybe just alternate jogging and walking every 5 minutes. But then I talked myself back into 15 minutes and kept going past the 5 minute marker. Then I started thinking again "well, 10 minutes is pretty good" as you can see, it was a constant battle with myself to just keep going. I did it though! I stuck out the entire 15 minutes.

Couch to 5K: Week 5.25 Day 3
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 25 min
2.03 Miles - 295 Calories Burned

• 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 15 min Jog at 5.5
• 5 min Walk at 4.0

It didn't help that I got a blister on my foot about half way through. My socks are pretty crummy though, so I'm going to get some new ones this week.

Here's to a new week! I am not going to do a recap of the week today, because the recap is simply that I sucked pretty bad this week until yesterday and today. The good news is that I am back at 175.4 today and re-focused (again). I will post my new goals tomorrow as well as my monthly progress pictures! My workouts are about to see a shake-up...

Back on Track

Yesterday was a good day! This weekend gave me a new burst of energy and motivation...just what I needed!

FOOD - 1164 Calories
I finally stayed under 1200 calories, and it wasn't even hard!

Breakfast 10:30am - 275 Calories
2 Eggs Scrambled with 1/4 C Skim Milk,
1/4 C Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Mushrooms,
Onions, Red Pepper Flakes, & 1 T Salsa

I'm not a huge fan of eggs, but I'm going to have to try to become one! This held me over for 5 hours and was so low in calories.

We had homemade pasta salad at our friend's house on Friday and it hit the spot, so I made some up yesterday.

Dinner 4:00pm - 324 Calories
1 C Pasta Salad with:
Gouda, Black Olives, Red & Green Onions, & Lt. Mayo

That didn't really hold me over so I had a snack a bit later.

Snack 5:15pm - 300 Calories
Mountain Trail Mix

Then I enjoyed a bowl of Light Popcorn while Sky & I watched a movie & I worked on a Scrapbook.

 Movie-Time Snack 8:00pm - 250 Calories
Bag of Lt. Popcorn with
1 t. Ranch Seasoning, & Red Pepper Flakes

Finally, a good food day with wise choices!

I didn't work out yesterday because I stayed busy all day. I cleaned, organized, paid bills, and finally got to work on a scrapbook! I have been wanting to do that for weeks now, and just now made the time for it!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weigh In

I slept in and was running late yesterday, and didn't remember to weigh in, so I weighed this morning. 176.6, not too bad, especially after the week I just had. I am hoping with a good weekend I can get back down to the 175 that I only saw 1 day this week, on Tuesday, before I got into this rut.


One more day of nonsense to write about, and then hopefully my posts will be back to something I can be proud of. Here goes...

FOOD - ???? Calories
I skipped breakfast yesterday. I have been super busy at work again, which sometimes causes me to skip breakfast. I went out to lunch with a couple of the girls from work, and this was not one of my eating out days that I chose to make smart decisions. Sorry, I don't have any pictures from yesterday, but this is what I ate:

Lunch 12:00pm
Abuelo's: Chips, Salsa, & Queso & a
Mexican Stack (nothing healthy about this)

Snack 4:00pm - 140 Calories
2 Chocolate & Caramel Candies

We went to a friend's house for dinner and fun last night. Luckily I was still pretty full from lunch so didn't do too bad (except for the beer).

Dinner 8:30pm
3 Corona Lights, 2 Leinenkugels,
2 Bites of BBQ Chicken, 1/3 C Pasta Salad,
1 Piece of Garlic Toast, 1/2 oz Chips

Like I said, my attitude started coming around yesterday (nothing like a Friday to help with that). I gave myself one last "feel sorry for myself" day, and am back on track today.


Thursday didn't start off too bad, I really wanted to stick to it and be strong. I did descent until late at night. I should have just gone to bed because the only reason I ate was because I still couldn't shake my sad feeling. I think after my rotten Tuesday, I just let myself spiral into a slump. It seems it turned into more of the winter blues, which I tend to struggle with every year. I can't wait until we can live somewhere that is sunny all the time...with a beach! OK, on to my Thursday...

FOOD - 2,647 Calories
I just now added my calories up and wow...depressing! I'm glad I added it all up though to help me realize how quickly a few calories here and there turn into a lot when I am careless. I truly don't mind letting myself have 'bad days' from time to time, even once a week, but it is not acceptable to eat like this day in and day out. Eating like this made me fat, and it is what will hold me back from losing more weight if I don't back off of the junk food!

Breakfast 9:00am - 330 Calories
1 Everything Bagel with 2 T Whipped Cream Cheese

I snacked while I was making lunch again...bad, bad, bad. This is what happens when I don't plan ahead.

Pre-Lunch Snacking 11:30am - 330 Calories
12 Melba Snacks with 4 T Cream Cheese with Chives

Lunch 11:45am - 265 Calories
2 Turkey Cheddar Sausages wrapped in Lettuce (Buns),
topped with Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Onions, & 1 T Lt. Ranch,
served with a Pickle Spear

If that doesn't prove a point! My pre-lunch snacking was more calories than my actual lunch itself.

Snack 2:30pm - 140 Calories
Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bar

It went downhill from here...One of the girls has a client that brings her candy all the time I guess, and this week he brought these amazing little Caramel filled Chocolate candies...and I overindulged! The idea was to enjoy ONE for a late afternoon sweet tooth snack...but I didn't stop at 5...

Snack 4:30pm - 350 Calories
5 Chocolate & Caramel Candies

Since I ate the Chocolates and hit my calories for the day, I decided I would skip dinner, and just go to bed early. I went to the gym, and then was going to write on here, and then go to bed within a descent calorie range. But...that isn't what happened. After the gym, I caved...again...

Dinner 7:30pm - 1,232 Calories
3 Corona Lights & Nachos with:
3 oz Tortilla Chips, 1 C Shredded Cheese,
1 T Salsa, 1 T FF Sour Cream, Jalapenos,
& 1 Graham Cracker with 2 T Icing

Shameful...that's all I can say...

I did at least go to the gym on Thursday after skipping 2 days in a row. I attempted to run. It wasn't that great, but I at least moved a bit.

Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 25 min
1.87 Miles - 280 Calories Burned

• 5 min Jog at 5.5
• 2 min Walk at 4.0
• 2 min Jog at 5.5
• 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 3 min Jog at 5.5
• 3 min Walk at 4.0

As you can tell, I struggled a bit on the treadmill. It was definitely not as successful as my Monday workout, but at least I went.


So I'm playing a bit of catch up today! I just couldn't get my act together this week. I didn't eat right, didn't exercise regularly, and didn't even write on my blog daily. But no more, I got a good night sleep last night and have woken up with a new attitude and motivation! (Let's Hope!)

FOOD - 1,735 + ??? Calories
I had my Dr.'s appointment on Wednesday, so I skipped breakfast in case I needed to have any bloodwork ran. So I was starving by the time I got home and snacked while I was cooking and overate.

Lunch 12:30pm - 850 Calories
Snacked on 2 oz Guacamole Chips while cooking,
3/4 Turkey Burger, 3/4 Whitewheat Bun,
1/4 Avocado, 1 oz Gouda, 3 Pieces Bacon,
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, & 1/2 C Curly Fries

For the life of me I can't remember what I ate Wednesday night. Oh wait! It just hit me, I think this was the night Sky and I sat on the couch and just kept eating a bunch of random crap! It looked something like this:

Dinner 6-9pm - God only knows how many Calories
~ 885 Calories +?
12 Melba Snacks, 4 T Cream Cheese with Chives,
5 Dove Miniature Ice Cream's,
1 Graham Cracker with 4 T Rainbow Chip Icing,
and random bites of who knows what

Kinda sad that I ate so un-consciously, that I can't even remember exactly. Must have been that good right? This dinner was way too reminiscent of my weight gaining binge eating bueno! I just grabbed random crap and ate it for the hell of eating. L-A-M-E!

I guess one good thing that came from this week was that I completely recognized the fact that I was emotional eating for no good reason. The bad thing is that even though I recognized it, I didn't stop. I guess that's what they call being human and struggling?! Just wait...Thursday & Friday didn't look any better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tuesday started off not so bad, but after my ordeal at work, things went downhill. Like I said yesterday, I have been on a rollercoaster of pure emotional eating since. Here's how the day looked food-wise.

FOOD - 2,441 Calories
For breakfast I had leftover buffet food.

Breakfast 8:30am - 250 Calories
3/4 of an Asiago Bagel

I wasn't feelin the Fat Free Cream Cheese, so I scraped it into the trash.

I think I'm ready for summertime grillin because I have been craving Burgers & Hotdogs all week!

Lunch 1:30pm - 530 Calories
2 Cheddar Turkey Sausages, 1 1/2 Whitewheat Buns,
topped with 1 T Salsa, Jalapenos, & 1 T Lt. Ranch
with 1 oz Quaker Guacamole Rice & Corn Chips

I enjoyed one of my new favorite snacks later in the afternoon.

Snack 3:00pm - 300 Calories
Mountain Trail Mix

By the time I got home that night I was emotionally exhausted and just wanted to drown myself in junk food...and I did.

Dinner 8:00pm - 1,361 Calories
2 oz Guacamole Chips (while I was cooking)
1/2 Bacon Cheeseburger on a Whitewheat Bun:
2 oz Gouda, 5 Pieces Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms,
Tomato, Lettuce, 1 T Lt. Mayo, 1/2 C Curly Fries,
& 4 Corona Light's

Wow I just now added all of those calories up...scary!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Emotional Eating

Are you an Emotional Eater? I sure am! I have been much better at not letting myself since I started losing weight, but I have definitely fallen victim the last 2 days! Shameful, I know! After crying for 2 hours straight at work yesterday, all I wanted to do was go home, stuff my face, drink a beer, and go to sleep...and that is exactly what I did. Sky walked into the house and I announced "this is what they call emotional eating!" At least I acknowledged it right? And then today I was still in the slump a bit and did it again. I have to shake it off and change my attitude tomorrow because I just hit my 50 pound mark and want to keep the right direction!

Why do we think food makes us feel better when we have an emotional day???

Dr. Say's Stress

I had my Dr.'s appointment today because of all of the stomach pain's I have been having lately. He asked if I've been under a lot of stress lately, and as a matter-of-fact, I have! He explained that my stress is triggering IBS symptoms which is why I keep getting the sharp stabbing pains and nausea. It makes perfect sense! This all started about the time work started sucking pretty bad. When I went to my Dr. for my monthly weigh in two times ago my blood pressure was crazy high because I was coming straight from work. I've never had problems with my blood pressure before, so they had me think of calming thoughts until it went back down. So this is two different health issues in the last couple of months being caused by stress at work. Wow! Hopefully the medicine he prescribed will help, but I have got to learn not to let things get to me so much. I suppose some people just suck and try to make everybody's life around them suck, and I'm just going to have to not let that happen! Here's to positive energy for health!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

50 Pounds GONE!!!

It is true! I hit 175.2 this morning...50 pounds down from my once 225 pounds! I am so happy & proud! It sucks that it had to be followed by a terrible day at work. Man I need a vacation...but I need to be Bikini ready first! Because of the awful day of crying for 2 hours straight, I am emotionally & physically drained so I am going to eat dinner and crash; which means I'm skipping the workout and gonna hang with Sky and go to bed early. Hopefully I'll wake up refreshed and energetic tomorrow morning! I will still try to do my daily post after dinner. So cheers to my 50 pound weight loss! 35 to go (yes, I have changed my goals a bit and will post about that soon).

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Rocked My Run!

 It's Monday again! I'm already anxiously awaiting Friday, but I did have a pretty successful day diet-wize. Here's how I stacked up to my Goals for the day:

Couch to 5K - Week 4 Day 3 in the morning
     Better Run than Planned - but didn't get up this morning
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
     Finished the day at about 51 oz
• Stay under 1200 Calories
     Made it!
• In bed by 10:30
     It's gonna be close, but I think it's gonna happen
• No adding Salt to my food
    Didn't even struggle with it

I couldn't fall asleep until after 3:00am last night, so when my alarm went off at 5:30, there was no way I was about to get up and run. I am just not a morning person, even though I want to be. I stuck to my goals today and I am proud! The only one I missed was the water. 4 out of 5, I'll call that a success!

FOOD – 1010 Calories
I actually stuck to my calories today!

Here is how much I am not a fan of breakfast:

Breakfast 10:30am - 12:00pm – 250 calories
1 Packet of Hazelnut Latte Oatmeal
with 1 T Nutella

Yes, it took me an hour and a half to finish one serving of oatmeal. I literally have to force myself to eat in the mornings, especially if it is before 10 or 11 am.

Because I ate breakfast so late, I snacked/had lunch kind of late too. We had another birthday in the office today, so I [carefully] snacked on the buffet.

Lunch 2:00pm – 560 calories
4 Crackers, 2 oz Summer Sausage,
2 oz Cheddar Cheese, 2 T Whipped Cream Cheese

I wasn't very hungry, and didn't want to eat too much for dinner so that it would be hard to run; so here is what I ate...

Dinner 6:00pm – 200 calories
2 Plums

& a Fiber One Bar

Yeah, I pretty much rocked my run tonight! The plan was to complete day 3 of week 4:
Jog at 5.5 for 3 min
Walk at 4.0 for 90 sec
Jog at 5.5 for 5 min
Walk at 4.0 for 2.5 min
(repeat 2 times)

However, I was feeling good, so I just kept running and made it 10 minutes until I started getting side stitches pretty bad. I even bumped the speed up a smidge twice.

Couch to 5K:
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 30 min
2.4 Miles - 355 Calories Burned

• Warm Up: 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 5 min Jog at 5.5
• 5 min Jog at 5.6
• 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 5 min Jog at 5.7
• 5 min Walk at 4.0

I think that I do much better on my runs when I have a few days in between to rest. I get pretty sore still each time, so it seems like when I try to run more than 2-3 times a week I just don't have it in me like I do on the days that I am completely rested. This being said, I might eliminate one of my run days for the week. We'll see how I'm feeling as the week progresses.

P90X Abs Video
• Strength Training: Arms & Shoulders
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories
• In bed by 10:30
• No adding Salt to my food

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week In Review & Goals for Next Week

Apparently I suck because I didn’t hit my goals for the second week in a row. I have been extremely frustrated again about my lack of time. There is just never enough of it. I guess I ought to give morning workouts a try again, because this just isn’t cutting it. Last week I said that I would start listing my prior week’s goals and how I stacked up, so here goes…

Couch to 5K Week 4– Run 3 times (Mon, Wed, & Sat)
     o Ran Monday, and ½ of the Run on Wednesday
• Strength Training Arms & Shoulders & Abs (Thursday)
     o Didn’t Do
• Strength Training Back & Chest & Abs (Sunday)
     o Didn’t Do
P90X Ab Video 2 times (Tuesday, & Saturday)
     o Didn’t Do
• Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
     o Probably did this about ½ of the week
• Stay under 1200 Calories at least 5 days
     o Went over 1200 Calories every single day
• Stay under 1500 Calories the other 2 days
     o Stayed under 1500 Calories Mon, Wed, Thurs, & Sun
• NO eating after 7– Minimal eating after 5
     o I did pretty good on this one
• No adding salt to my food
     o I did great on this one and really noticed the difference
• Bed BY 11pm Sunday through Thursday nights
     o I think I only missed this on Thursday

Clearly, this isn’t an acceptable ‘stick-to-it’ percentage. I have to find it in me to do better than this!

OK, here goes again. Pretty similar, just have to stick to them this time around.

Couch to 5K Week 4 – Complete on Monday
Couch to 5K Week 5.25 (see below) – Run 3 times
• Strength Training Arms & Shoulders & Abs
• Strength Training Back & Chest & Abs
P90X Ab Video 2 times
• 2 morning workouts (we’ll see if I can do it & if it helps)
• Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
• Stay under 1300 Calories at least 5 days
• Stay under 1500 Calories 1 Day
• NO eating after 7– Minimal eating after 5
• No adding salt to my food
• Bed BY 11pm Sunday through Thursday nights

I gave myself a cheat day this week because I’m going to do it anyway so I might as well plan for it. I need to try to keep it under control though. I’m also going to try to get into bed by 10:00, or at least 10:30 and then asleep by 11:00.

So the Couch to 5K program is starting to progress faster than what I feel ready, so the next few weeks are going to be a mix of the program and what I think I can do. Here is my plan for this week. We will call it week 5.25.

COUCH to 5K Week 5.25
Day 1: 29 minutes
5 min Warm Up at 4.0
Repeat 3 Times ---
5 min Jog at 5.5
3 min Walk at 4.0

Day 2: 30 minutes
5 min Warm Up at 4.0
Repeat 3 Times ---
5 min Jog at 5.5
2 min Walk at 4.0
6 min Jog at 5.5
3 min Walk at 4.0
7 min Jog at 5.5
2 min Walk at 4.0

Day 3: 31 minutes
5 min Warm Up at 4.0
Repeat 2 Times ---
8 min Jog at 5.5
5 min Walk at 4.0

End to Another Weekend

Sunday's always bum me out because I hate to see the weekend come to the end. I really wish I could have 4 days a week off like Skyler! OK, done complaining, on to my day in diet land.

FOOD – 1381 Calories
That cheesecake was a big mistake yesterday, because it tastes so good and there is still some left. Luckily, Sky has almost finished it off, because 390 calories a pop is way too much!

My Kind of Breakfast 10:30 am – 390 calories
1 piece of NY Cheesecake with a cup of Coffee

Lunch/Dinner 4:30 am – 991 calories
Salad with: 1/2 Diced Mango, 1/2 Diced Avocado,
Grape Tomatoes, Red Onion, 1/4 C Feta, 1/4 C Pine Nuts,
1 T Light Lime Vinaigrette, & 2 T Olive Garden Italian Dressing

with a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake

Even though my food choices weren't good, I did turn down Skyler's request to go to Mexican for lunch, so that's a plus!

I didn't workout all weekend...lame. The annoying thing is that I really wanted to and just didn't have the time. I cleaned, did laundry, paid bills, worked on the budget, balanced the checkbook, went through a couple of boxes of clothes, etc. and my time was gone.

Couch to 5K - Week 4 Day 3 in the morning
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories
• In bed by 10:30
• No adding Salt to my food

Friday & Saturday Recap

Two weekends in a row of not posting, shame on me! And I didn't take pictures again! Weekends just fly by anymore! So I didn't really make good choices this weekend, but I lost weight, so go figure!

I had a granola bar for a late breakfast on Friday. Then I went to lunch with some of the girls from work...Mexican food...are you surprised?! I had Fajita Nachos, and they were good and gooey and extremely unhealthy. For dinner, Sky was starving and wanted pizza so we went to Gusano's. I ordered an Italian Sub & a Corona. So, if you remember, Friday was the night that we were going to enjoy our German beer, and we did. We each drank 4 pints of the oh-so-wonderful Erdinger's and enjoyed every second! We decided it didn't taste the same when you aren't sitting on the beach, but it was still very tasty & refreshing! So that was Friday...about a billion calories I imagine. But go figure, I weighed 178 Saturday morning, down .8 of a pound from Friday.

We finally got to go to JJ's for lunch yesterday. Sky has been wanting to go there for a few weeks now, but they are always either closed or there is a long wait. I ordered the Fried Chicken Club Sandwich with a side of Fried Jalapenos. Super healthy right? Well, at least I only ate half of it. But then we were both craving cheesecake, and I ate 2 pieces later in the afternoon. One slice of NY cheesecake and one slice of Chocolate cheesecake. At least it tasted good??? I guess the one thing that was in my favor was that I didn't eat anything after probably 3:00 or so.

Like I said, I lost weight this weekend! I was down to 176.6 this morning, my new low. My body is just messin with me at this point! I eat right during the week and gain and crappy on the weekend and lose...really?! Oh well, I'm not going to complain about the loss, but it would be nice if it would do the same when I am trying!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weigh In was Rigged

That's my story & I'm stickin to it! I weighed 178.8 this morning, up 1.6 from last week. But I have been lingering around 177 all week, and I just weighed now after work and I was back down to 178. I was all swollen this morning and have peed all day, was rigged. The scale knew it was weigh in day and had it out for me! Yep, that's the story anyways! I'm thinking it might be the salt from my kale chips last night that did it. Who knows?! It is the weekend now and I am H-A-P-P-Y!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Girl Today

Yay! Tomorrow is Friday! We don’t have any major plans and Sky has the entire weekend off with me! We need to clean house and do some chores, but I am so hoping to make time to relax and do some of my crafts and workout hardcore to make up for the not-so-athletic week I have had.

FOOD – 1303 Calories
Go figure, the day I was worried about my calories because of my lunch appointment, I did pretty good. Still not 1200, but definitely not shabby for a restaurant lunch!

Breakfast 9:00 am – 300 calories
Hazelnut Latte Oatmeal with
½ packet of Trail Mix
This was a great way to change my oatmeal up a bit

Yes, I was a good girl at my lunch appointment today. I planned ahead and ordered something that wasn’t on the menu, but that I could simply count the calories.

Lunch 12:30 pm – 651 calories
Turkey Sandwich with:
1 ½ Pieces of Wheat Bread, Turkey,
¼ of an Avocado, & a
Salad with Veggies & 2 oz Ranch, &
1 bite of Cheesecake &
1 bite of Chocolate Confusion Cake

Sorry I don’t have a picture of my lunch, I just don’t think it would be appropriate to whip out my camera during an appointment with a client. The ranch counted for almost ½ of my calories, so I’m thinking next time I know I have a lunch appointment I might just bring my own. I’ll just have to have the server bring it out with my meal or something so it’s not so random, but it will save over 200 calories for the exact same amount of ranch that tastes almost the exact same. We’ll see; I just hate wasting calories for no good reason!

I wasn’t hungry this afternoon for a snack, and I knew I was going to eat when I got home, so I skipped the pm snack today.

I stuck with my plan to keep my dinner calories a bit lower, and I still had a very filling, plentiful dinner! It made me very proud!

Dinner 6:00 pm – 352 calories
Pinwheel with: ½ Lavash Bread,
6 pc Lunchmeat Roast Beef, Spinach,
Tomatoes, ¼ C Feta, & 1 T Black Olives
& 1 ½ T of the pictured (3 T) Light Cayenne Ranch
Served with Kale Chips sprinkled with 1 T Parmesan

& an Apple

Yeah, look at me go…filling & healthy!

Shame on me…I was a skipper today! My Mary Kay order came in and I spent all night (from 6-9pm) sorting through it so I can take the girls their makeup tomorrow. I plan to get in all of the workouts I had planned for the week still though! I have really been wanting to have a hardcore workout weekend anyways, so I think this will be the weekend!

• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Make wise food choices
• No adding Salt to my food

So…tomorrows calories likely won’t be stellar, considering we are going to eat at JJ’s Grill & Chill (a burger & beer joint) after work with a friend. Then, we are coming back to the house to surprise him with Erdinger’s! It is a yummy German beer that we always get at Venice Beach when we go to LA to visit some of our best friends. One of the local liquor stores was able to order it for us and Sky is going to pick it up tomorrow! We are so excited to surprise Billy with it!

May 2009 LA

Ah! It’s after 11:00, gotta get to bed! Happy almost Friday! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not-So-Appetizing Meals

So, either I’m making everything up in my head, or my body is just f-in with me! My stomach didn’t hurt at all today. I felt just fine. It was great to feel good, but it makes me second guess if I was feeling so bad yesterday. Whatever…I think I’m crazy!

FOOD – 1483 Calories
I’m really struggling to keep my calories in range lately. And not because I am making terrible choices; it’s because I have actually been pretty hungry. I’m not too concerned about it, because I have still be gradually losing weight. But it seems like by 4 or 5 o’clock, even if I’ve had my afternoon snack, I have been starving to the point I don’t have the energy I need for my workout. Who knows…I guess I need to keep tweaking my meal plan to get it right. Maybe increase my afternoon snack calories, and decrease dinner? Smart option, I know, but I’m afraid that I’ll be too hungry at night and then make bad choices. I’ll give it a try!

Today’s meals (except for lunch) had a theme…they SUCKED! Haha! Everything I made that sounded so good, didn’t taste good at all!

Breakfast 8:30 am – 243 calories
¼ C Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt,
½ C Frozen Cherries, 3/8 C Skim Milk,
with ¼ C Dark Chocolate Almond Granola
Sounds good, right? Wrong! I love Black Cherry Yogurt, so I thought this would be great, but it was along the lines of ‘too much of a good thing’ or something and was just gross. I drank ½ of what’s pictured before I gave up and ate another ¼ C of the Granola.

My lunch yesterday hit the spot so much that I bought all of the ingredients last night to re-create it today, and it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I tend to go in spurts of eating a lot of something, then burning out and not eating it for a while, and lately salad hasn’t been sounding appealing at all. But after yesterday, I am back in the mood for yummy salads! I even bought one of the huge tubs of baby spring mix from Sam’s.

Lunch 12:00 pm – 670 calories
Mixed Greens with 4 ½ oz Grilled Chicken,
Honey Pecans with 1 oz Pecans & ½ T Honey,
2 T Feta, 1/6 C Craisins, & Grape Tomatoes
 Look how beautiful and colorful it is!

With 4 pieces of Roasted Garlic Whole Grain Melba Toast,
& 4 T Light Ranch Dressing (made by me)

 The best thing about making things for yourself, is that you know what is in it and how much of everything. As you can see, I love my Ranch Dressing! But I was able to make my own with Skim Milk, Light Mayo, & Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning, so it saved a ton of calories!

I started getting hungry for my snack at the usual 3:00, but held myself off as long as I could, trying to avoid the hunger during my run. No such luck though.

Snack 3:30 pm – 30 calories
 Followed by…

Snack 4:30 pm – 70 calories
Boiled Egg

Dinner was quite random! While I was grocery shopping yesterday, I discovered Lavash for the first time, while looking for lower calorie tortillas. It is only 50 calories for ½ of a piece, and these things are huge! And they are rectangle which is so much easier for making wraps anyways. I made my wrap last night with it and loved it so was pumped to try something new with it tonight…I’ll be sticking with the wraps from now on!

Dinner 6:30-7:30 pm – 470 calories
First…I munched on 5 ½ Wheat Thins &
3 T Whipped Cream Cheese with Jalapenos
While dinner was working

 Then I tried out a Veggie Pizza on ½ of a Lavash Bread

It looked great until ½ of the toppings slid off onto the bottom of the oven. Then to top it off, I really didn’t like the taste of this as a crust. So I ended up eating about 1/3 of it and tossing the rest.

Then, out of frustration and assumed approaching starvation, I made the dreaded nachos…

1 oz Tortilla Chips, 1/3 C Shredded Cheese,
1 T Black Olives, & some Salsa

So, minus the nachos, not too shabby of a day food wise. I even drank about 68 oz of water! I did add a dash of salt to the salsa on my nachos tonight. As if cheese isn’t salty enough right?! Bad habits die hard I suppose. But amazingly enough, I didn’t put any on my salad today, so I am getting better and I am really noticing the difference!

I was definitely not feeling the treadmill tonight. Even my warm up walk sucked! I only finished half of it because I just couldn’t seem to get into the groove. I think I am still sore from Monday. I am going to add on another run day to this weekend to make up for it though!

Couch to 5K: Week 4 Day 2
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 17 min
1.34 Miles - 202 Calories Burned

• Warm Up: 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 3 min Jog at 5.7 – 90 sec Walk at 4.0
• 5 min Jog at 5.5 – 2.5 min Walk at 4.0

P90X Abs Video
• Arms & Shoulders Strength Training
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Make wise food choices
• In bed by 11
• No adding Salt to my food

If you notice, I didn’t say stay under 1200 calories for a goal tomorrow. For one, it has been nearly impossible this week, and I also have a lunch appointment tomorrow with a client. I am going to do the best I can to order wisely, but it is definitely much more difficult to know what is in the food when you aren’t the one preparing it.

I didn’t go to Chiropractor today because I found out that one isn’t in my insurance network, so I want to try to find one that is. So I’ll keep you posted…

9:30 – time to shower and hit the hay!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Red for Women

My stomach was hurting again today, especially after I ate, so I made an appointment with a Dr. for next week. I haven’t even had a Dr. other than my gynecologist since I lived at home 8 years ago, so if nothing else it will be good to just have a Dr. again. I’m sure that it is nothing and it is going to just be a waste of time and money and I am probably working things up in my head. But I just haven’t felt like myself lately, so I guess it can’t hurt anything to see what he has to say.

FOOD – 1622 Calories
I’m frustrated that my calories are so high today, because I feel like I did pretty good, and I only ate when I was hungry. So I’m ignoring the number today.

Breakfast 8:30 am – 250 calories
1/2 C Oatmeal & 1 T Nutella

 I went to the Go Red for Women American Heart Association Luncheon at work today. The lunch was awesome and healthy and they always have great a great speaker and goodie bag! Plus, we had no food in the house and a grilled cheese sandwich on dry bread wasn’t sounding so appealing.

I guessed on my lunch calories, which might be why they are so high. It was a healthy lunch (minus the ranch dressing), and I didn’t overdo it, so who knows. But here it is…

Lunch 11:30 am – 792 calories
Salad with (guesstimates):
5 oz Chicken, 3 T Ranch, 1 T Feta, 2 T Craisins,
1 T Honeyed Pecans, ½ Wheat Roll with a smidge of Butter,
& a Dove Dark Chocolate Almond Candy

 Accompanied with ½ Strawberry Mousse with
Strawberries & Whipped Topping
(sorry the pictures suck, I need to learn how to use my camera)

I skipped on the Fat Tuesday buffet and had a healthy afternoon snack that was in the goodie bag from the luncheon!

Snack 2:30 pm – 140 calories
Kashi Trail Mix Granola Bar

As I mentioned, because I didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend, there wasn’t anything good to eat at home. So after work I grabbed the list and went to Sam’s. I started getting pretty hungry there and knew that I wouldn’t make it through Wal-Mart next without buying junk food if I didn’t grab a snack to calm my hunger. So on the drive from Sam’s to Wal-Mart I ate some of the healthy food I had just bought.

Snack 6:30 pm – 150 calories
Hummus & some Veggies

I was hoping I would be able to skip dinner since I knew my calories were pretty much tapped out for the day, but no such luck. I was really hungry by the time I got home and when Sky started eating, I had to make something. I made a pretty wise choice though, I think.

Dinner 8:30 pm – 290 calories
Wrap with 6 pc Lunchmeat Roast Beef,
2 slices Low Fat Provolone, Spinach, Red Onion,
Tomatoes, & ¼ Avocado

I’m not gonna lie, I did add salt to my salad today at lunch, but not too much. I really think kicking the salt habit is helping to keep my swelling down tremendously. And I’m not missing it too bad; it’s just hard of course to break a bad habit.

I also didn’t do too great on drinking water today, probably only 16 oz.

Because of the stomach ache (AGAIN) and the grocery shopping, I didn’t do the abs video tonight. I am going to a Chiropractor for the first time ever tomorrow for a consultation. I have got this one spot under my left shoulder blade that has been giving me hell for years off and on, and it is back because of the running I think (or my terrible posture). Sky is kind of a skeptic, and I’m not completely sold, but I’m going to go hear what he has to say. I’m thinking something is just pinched and maybe 1 or 2 sessions should do the trick because I don’t want this to become a regular thing.

Couch to 5K – run’s at 5.7
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories
• In bed by 11
• No adding Salt to my food

Geez, 11:00 is so hard to hit. I thought I was going to make it by 10 tonight, and it is 11 right now. Good night y’all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to the Grind

Today was back to the real world! I was pretty happy when I weighed this morning though! 178, only up .8 of a pound. With the way I ate this weekend and the lack of exercise, I’ll take it with a smile! Especially since I had only been at 177.2 for 1 day, so I knew it wouldn’t stick over the weekend.

FOOD – 1500 Calories
Food didn’t go too bad today, but I definitely should have skipped some of the random snacking.

Breakfast 9:30 am – 200 calories
1/3 C Oatmeal & 1 T Nutella

I got hungry while lunch cooking so I grabbed some junk food left from this weekend. Thank goodness it dawned on me that it was a bad idea and I put it away quickly.

Random Snack 12:30 pm – 100 calories
5 Crackers & 1 T Cheese Dip

Lunch 1:30 pm – 631 calories
6 oz Grilled Chicken, 1 T Hawaiian BBQ,
1 C Pineapple, & 2/3 C Brown Rice
1 Snack Sized Mini M&M’s
(7 oz Pictured)

Snack 4-5 pm – 155 calories
1 Green Apple & a Caramel Sugar Free Pudding

I think my afternoon snack actually made me even hungrier! I was starving when I got home to do my run, but I wanted to get it over with before I ate dinner.

Dinner & Dessert 7:00 pm – 414 calories
2 oz Pot Roast, ½ C Potatoes,
½ C Carrots, & an Onion Slice
(4 oz Pot Roast Pictured)

After dinner I was lame and ate a cupcake sitting on the counter. I didn’t even take the time to take a picture of it. I am sending the rest to work with Skyler tomorrow to get the temptation out of the house! That stupid thing alone put me up to 1500 calories for the day! Boo!

I’m going to finish the day at about 67 oz of water.

I definitely rolled my eyes at the treadmill today on the last 5 min jogging stretch. The rest of the run wasn’t too bad, but those 5 minutes sucked!

Couch to 5K: Week 4 Day 1
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 29 min
2.32 Miles - 345 Calories Burned

• Warm Up: 5 min Walk at 4.0
• Repeat 2 Times: 3 min Jog at 5.5 – 90 sec Walk at 4.0
                            5 min Jog at 5.5 – 2.5 min Walk at 4.0

P90X Abs Video
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories
• In bed by 11
• No adding Salt to my food

Speaking of the no salt…I didn’t add any to my pot roast, carrots, or potatoes tonight and I really wanted to!

And in speaking of being in bed by 11, I had better get going, it is 10 till and Skyler is getting impatient! Good Night Friends!