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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday & Valentine's Weekend FUN

What a great weekend! I’m just so sad it’s already over. Overall, I did great at sticking to my goal of not OVEReating, and I think it did the trick! Sorry I didn’t post all weekend, we just stayed so busy. I also just realized that I didn’t take any pictures. So here is a brief synopsis of the last 3 days.

We went to what USED to be my favorite restaurant for lunch, Del Rio (this place can be blamed for ½ of my weight gain at least). It is a Tex-Mex style restaurant and I used to eat there at least once a week, usually more. We ordered a bowl of Queso and the Sampler Platter (4 Flautas, 4 Wings, 4 Jalapeno Poppers, & 4 Quesadillas) to share. The queso (my favorite) didn’t taste right so we sent it back. Their homemade salsa was as wonderful as ever though. Between the two of us though, we only ate ½ a bowl of chips (so maybe 1-2 oz each). I had 3 Flautas, 3 Jalapeno Poppers, and 1 Quesadilla triangle. The best thing that came from this trip, is that I don’t see myself going there again, and I certainly won’t be craving it anymore.

At 5:30, about 15 of us met up at Abuelos for drinks and dinner before game night. Skyler and I split the Fajita Nachos, and I drank 2 Mexican Margarita Meltdown’s and also munched on some chips/salsa/queso. We headed straight from Abuelos to Game Night to catch the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Game night was a blast, as usual. We played Pictionary again, and about 25 people showed up. I think a few of us almost lost our voices from yelling and getting so into the game. I had a Leinenkugel and a Corona Light, and then switched to water at about 9:30 because my stomach was upset. Late that night when there were just a few of us left reminiscing, I did randomly munch on some junk food. I had some chips and crackers and cheese, but not too much, because my stomach was still hurting.

We got home at about 2am, and I was exhausted. We had one long and exciting day and I was ready to crash. I woke up again at about 3am though, feeling miserably sick. I spent the next several minutes throwing up everything I ate that day. Now, if you’re thinking this is because of the alcohol, it definitely wasn’t. I paced myself very well when I was drinking earlier in the night so that I never got drunk, and it had been almost 6 hours since my last drink. I don’t know if it was food poisoning or my body not being used to eating like this or acid reflux or something else, but it was awful. I felt nauseous all day Saturday, and off and on today too. This is going on over a week now of random stomach aches & pains. I’m going to give it one more week to see if I start to feel better, then I’m going to have to go to the Doctor if it doesn’t go away.

We, of course, slept in on Saturday. Sky was craving our favorite pizza and I obliged. We went to Gusano’s for the first time in quite a while. I had 3 pieces (2 Hawaiian & 1 Pepperoni), and 3 T Ranch. Like I said, my stomach was still upset and I imagine the pizza didn’t help any, so that was about it for the day. I had a leftover cupcake and a few crackers while we were watching TV in the evening. We had planned on going to the movies for my Birthday, but we were both enjoying lounging around the house in our PJ’s too much, so that is just what we did…all day.

Yesterday Sky couldn’t decide between pizza or hamburgers, so today he begged me to go get burgers after Church. He definitely loved every minute of me not dieting this weekend and made it a point to eat everything that we have been skipping lately. So, I had a burger & fries for lunch, and then I had a cupcake around 5.

I definitely didn’t eat healthy by any stretch of the imagination this weekend, but I knew I wouldn’t going into it. I DID however stop eating when I was no longer hungry every time I ate, and I didn’t add salt to my food 1 single time. These were my two main goals for the weekend, and I stuck to them so I am pleased. I really feel like I won’t gain much, if any weight this weekend; I will let you know tomorrow. I didn’t work out at all this weekend, which is a disappointment. But between the fun filled schedule and the disagreeing stomach, it didn’t happen. I am looking very forward to my workout tomorrow though!

Well, my birthday celebrations are over. I am officially a year older. Back to real life!

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