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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Complete Exhaustion

I am still so exhausted today…so I am about to hit the hay! I just got my hair done though and it feels great! I just love getting my hair done it always smells so good and feels so soft…and my roots don’t look skanky! So here’s how my day shaped up…

FOOD – 1010 Calories
Not too bad on calories today. I took my 1/3 C of oatmeal with me to work and apparently put too much water in it and didn’t keep an eye on it and it boiled over…all over the microwave. So luckily I had my trusty rusty Quaker bowl in my desk for such emergencies!

Breakfast 9:30 am – 300 calories
Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal & 1 T Nutella
I seriously love this Nutella stuff!

Lunch 12:30 pm – 350 calories
1 Carb Balance Tortilla, 1/6 C Cheese,
1/6 of the leftover Turkey Helper from Sunday,
2 T Salsa, 2 T FF Sour Cream, & Jalapeno

I had a quick snack before getting my hair done…

Snack 5:15 pm – 70 calories
1 Boiled Egg

I didn’t get home until 8:00, and didn’t make the wisest food choices, but it was at least within calorie range right?!

Dinner (can I call it that?) 8:15 pm – 290 calories
1 oz Tortilla Chips,
1 Skinny Cow Caramel Ice Cream Cone
(no picture, I just ate it)

Boo! I skipped again today and I’m bummed! I just have to many things going on this week!

OK, tomorrow starts my birthday celebrations. We are headed to MO to see the in-laws and going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. I’m really sorry to disappoint, but I am NOT counting calories Thursday or Friday. I am so far planning to get back on track Saturday (Sunday at the latest), but I am giving myself a break and am going to eat some of the things I’ve been avoiding the past several months. Please do not lose faith in me, this is not a permanent ‘fall off the wagon’…just a couple of days of not caring that I’m trying to lose weight. I intend on drinking a margarita or 2, eating at my favorite restaurants, and making/eating cupcakes. We have fun festivities planned and I am going to enjoy myself and not worry. I DO plan to keep up with my workouts this weekend (especially since I skipped the last 2 days). Not sure when, or how much quite yet with the added plans of going out of town, but I will make it work. I’m hoping I have the energy Sunday to workout hard core to kick myself back into gear after an unhealthy weekend. So for tomorrow I am going to just focus on:

• Drinking at least 64 oz of Water
• Trying to squeeze in a workout!

On a positive note, I didn’t put salt on my egg today! That is a major deal for me! Good night folks!

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