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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Evil Work Buffet

It just dawned on me that both of my posts so far today make me sound like a whine bag cry baby! Sorry for that! I swear I have been in a very upbeat mood lately and super pumped from my results so far! So don’t let these 2 posts fool you! It just so happens that the “Depression” post had to fall on the same day that my body decided not to cooperate with me! :) But other than that, I am peachy!

FOOD – 1,592 Calories – BOO!
Today was another buffet day at work, and I wasn’t as strong as yesterday. I took my oatmeal again today, but I caved to the pressures of the alluring salty junky buffet food. The good thing is that I counted my calories to maintain some control. And I probably would have been just fine on my calories for the day regardless, had I not had a lunch meeting where I had to order from the restaurant. All in all though, I don’t feel like it was a TERRIBLE day, just not the best ever.

Buffet 10:00am – 487 calories
4 Pretzel Crackers, 1 T Hummus, 1 Cornbread Cracker,
½ C Bean Dip, ½ oz Tortilla Chips, 1 Chick-Fil-A Mini
Haha it’s kind of shameful to write and show

I felt like I made a pretty good choice at lunch, but not so much. As I figured the calories for everything, they added up quickly. Sorry there isn’t a picture, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to whip out my camera mid meeting with a client.

Lunch 12:30pm – 905 calories
Roast Beef Wrap with: a Huge Tortilla (highest calories),
~ 2 Servings Lunchmeat Roast Beef,
2 Slices Provolone Cheese, Loads of Spinach,
Red Onions, & Tomatoes
Served with 3 T Spicy Ranch (yikes!), & 3 oz Fries

Then, to top it all off, I gave in to the buffet once more on accident. I ate a cookie. My intentions were to take a tiny taste, but then it was really good so I finished it. The recipe is quite interesting though!

Cake Cookie Recipe:
1 box cake mix any kind (she used Chocolate Fudge)
¼ C Brown Sugar
¾ C Oil
1 Egg
1 bag of any kind of Chocolate Chips (she used Reeses)

Mix together (will be pretty dry)
Roll into balls & smash a bit onto a greased cookie sheet
Bake at 350* for 6 min

Snack 4:30pm – 200 calories
1 Chocolate Fudge Reeses Cookie

I don’t plan on eating dinner, just going straight to bed!


  1. I always fail when other people provide the food. I don't want to be rude and everyone knows I can pound food. Fortunately doesn't happen often.

  2. Unfotunately my struggle with it has nothing to do with not wanting to be rude. I just like to eat and I love our work potluck buffet's because we have some great cooks in the office! :) And we seem to have something on the buffet at least once a week! I have gotten better at avoiding it sometimes, but not every time!