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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday & Saturday Recap

Two weekends in a row of not posting, shame on me! And I didn't take pictures again! Weekends just fly by anymore! So I didn't really make good choices this weekend, but I lost weight, so go figure!

I had a granola bar for a late breakfast on Friday. Then I went to lunch with some of the girls from work...Mexican food...are you surprised?! I had Fajita Nachos, and they were good and gooey and extremely unhealthy. For dinner, Sky was starving and wanted pizza so we went to Gusano's. I ordered an Italian Sub & a Corona. So, if you remember, Friday was the night that we were going to enjoy our German beer, and we did. We each drank 4 pints of the oh-so-wonderful Erdinger's and enjoyed every second! We decided it didn't taste the same when you aren't sitting on the beach, but it was still very tasty & refreshing! So that was Friday...about a billion calories I imagine. But go figure, I weighed 178 Saturday morning, down .8 of a pound from Friday.

We finally got to go to JJ's for lunch yesterday. Sky has been wanting to go there for a few weeks now, but they are always either closed or there is a long wait. I ordered the Fried Chicken Club Sandwich with a side of Fried Jalapenos. Super healthy right? Well, at least I only ate half of it. But then we were both craving cheesecake, and I ate 2 pieces later in the afternoon. One slice of NY cheesecake and one slice of Chocolate cheesecake. At least it tasted good??? I guess the one thing that was in my favor was that I didn't eat anything after probably 3:00 or so.

Like I said, I lost weight this weekend! I was down to 176.6 this morning, my new low. My body is just messin with me at this point! I eat right during the week and gain and crappy on the weekend and lose...really?! Oh well, I'm not going to complain about the loss, but it would be nice if it would do the same when I am trying!

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