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Saturday, February 27, 2010


One more day of nonsense to write about, and then hopefully my posts will be back to something I can be proud of. Here goes...

FOOD - ???? Calories
I skipped breakfast yesterday. I have been super busy at work again, which sometimes causes me to skip breakfast. I went out to lunch with a couple of the girls from work, and this was not one of my eating out days that I chose to make smart decisions. Sorry, I don't have any pictures from yesterday, but this is what I ate:

Lunch 12:00pm
Abuelo's: Chips, Salsa, & Queso & a
Mexican Stack (nothing healthy about this)

Snack 4:00pm - 140 Calories
2 Chocolate & Caramel Candies

We went to a friend's house for dinner and fun last night. Luckily I was still pretty full from lunch so didn't do too bad (except for the beer).

Dinner 8:30pm
3 Corona Lights, 2 Leinenkugels,
2 Bites of BBQ Chicken, 1/3 C Pasta Salad,
1 Piece of Garlic Toast, 1/2 oz Chips

Like I said, my attitude started coming around yesterday (nothing like a Friday to help with that). I gave myself one last "feel sorry for myself" day, and am back on track today.

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