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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Run Tonight

I have a confession to make…I munched on some food last night after I posted on here. No good reason, just did. Sky made a couple of biscuits and I ate one. While they were in the oven I ate a few Wheat Thins and a Grape Popsicle. Just random crap! I weighed 179.0 yesterday morning too, and I really want to see that number to continue to go down. I MUST RE-FOCUS!!!

FOOD – 1,358 Calories
I have definitely not done a good job of staying under 1200 calories this week. I think this is a perfect example of what happens when I don’t plan ahead very well. I am going to be all over it this weekend preparing for next week. No more of this grabbing something here and munching on that there to add up to way too many calories.

Breakfast 8:00am – 190 calories
Fiber One Bar & 1 Bite of a Doughnut

Sky talked me into going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today because we haven’t been in a long time and it is one of his favorite. I wasn’t a hard sell, I must admit.

Lunch 8:00am – 740 calories
BWW Southwest Chicken Queso Wrap with
Tortilla Chips & Salsa

 Snack On-the-Go 5:30pm – 360 calories
2 oz Mixed Nuts and a taste of Dried Pineapple

Luckily I didn’t get too hungry tonight, because I was already over my 1200 calories, so I just had a couple of bites of the dinner I made for Skyler, which will be my lunch tomorrow.

Snack 8:30pm – 68 calories
¼ C Shrimp & Orzo Salad

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. I have just been in a funk I think! Will have one of the Shrimp & Orzo tomorrow (along with a recipe) and it is so pretty and yummy!

My run did the trick tonight! My butt is already sore!

Couch to 5K: Week 3.5 Day 1
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 27 min –
2.1 Miles - 315 Calories Burned

• Warm Up: 3 min Walk at 4.0
• Repeat 4 Times: 3 min Jog at 5.5 - 3 min Walk at 4.0

Couch to 5K Week 3.5 Day 2
P90X Abs or Strength Training
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Stay under 1200 Calories

I did one thing good today…drank 101 oz of water!!!

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