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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Weight Over the Years: Part 2

In college, I actually lost a little weight during the first 2 ½ years, but mostly maintained around the 130-135 pounds range.


Summer 2003

February 2004 – 20th B-Day

I met my husband, Skyler, in the Spring of 2004. I was still lookin’ good, but had probably started creeping into the 140’s a bit. I would say I still maintained a weight between 135-140 pounds throughout 2004.

Spring 2004

This is a picture of me on my first Paintball trip. Little side story…Sky and I met while he was a professional paintball player for Brass Eagle Allstars, and I was one of the JT Girls. This is a picture of me after a long day of work, but still rockin’ some tiny shorts and a belly shirt!

By October 2004, I was still pretty slim, but as you can see, had put on a bit more weight.

Halloween 2004 (I’m the Ferry)

By January 2005 I had hit 150 pounds for the first time, and was not thrilled! My 21st birthday was around the corner, and I wanted to look good when I celebrated in Cancun! I got back down to 140 again by mid February, in time to hit the beach in a bikini. I remember how self conscious I was in this photo, but it is now the one I use for motivation!

February 2005 – 140 pounds

By Spring of 2005, I had even gotten back down into the mid 130’s again.

                        Easter 2005                         May 2005

But by the end of October 2005, I had gotten up to 155.

Halloween 2005

From this point on, my weight was on a steady climb. I graduated in December of 2005, but chose to wait and walk with all of my friends in May of 2006. By this time, I was struggling to stay under 160.
College Graduation
May 2006 – 155 – 160 pounds

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