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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Weight Over the Years: Part 6

This is the last post in this series. I hope it was interesting to see the succession that led to my weight gain, and then weight loss. This post simply lists the benefits and rewards that help to motivate me along the way.

There are clearly countless benefits I am experiencing as I lose weight, but there have been a few changes that stick out for me. Not in any order, here are my top 10 benefits from losing weight.

1) I am slowly regaining self-confidence again
2) I am a much happier person now, with no signs of depression
3) Acid Reflux is a million times better
4) IBS is almost non-existent
5) It isn’t difficult to get a good, deep breath anymore
6) My energy level is increasing by the day
7) I can move around so much more freely
8) It feels so much better not to eat until it hurts
9) ‘Getting ready’ doesn’t make me want to cry
And last but certainly not least…
10) I’m going to get to wear a bikini again!!!

I am starting to get pretty excited now that I am in the downhill stretch. I obviously still have a ways to go, but have a couple of very motivating rewards to help push me along the way. Besides the obvious motivator of being thin again, I am going to be rewarding myself (Skyler agrees) with a whole new wardrobe! I haven’t bought new clothes in ages, and the ones that I have bought were out of necessity and I did not enjoy one second of shopping for them because they were ‘fat clothes’. As I gained weight, I kept my wardrobe very minimal because again, it is depressing to shop when you feel like a cow in everything. Another ‘reward’ I am looking forward to is getting professional pictures taken with Skyler. We haven’t had any since our Wedding in 2006, and it’s about time we do an update.

So this series might have been longer than you bargained for, but it covers my weight history and reasons behind the gain as good as possible. I feel proud about how far I have come over the past few years, and hope that I can continue growing as a person, and that I continue to lose weight to reach my goal.

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