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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not-So-Appetizing Meals

So, either I’m making everything up in my head, or my body is just f-in with me! My stomach didn’t hurt at all today. I felt just fine. It was great to feel good, but it makes me second guess if I was feeling so bad yesterday. Whatever…I think I’m crazy!

FOOD – 1483 Calories
I’m really struggling to keep my calories in range lately. And not because I am making terrible choices; it’s because I have actually been pretty hungry. I’m not too concerned about it, because I have still be gradually losing weight. But it seems like by 4 or 5 o’clock, even if I’ve had my afternoon snack, I have been starving to the point I don’t have the energy I need for my workout. Who knows…I guess I need to keep tweaking my meal plan to get it right. Maybe increase my afternoon snack calories, and decrease dinner? Smart option, I know, but I’m afraid that I’ll be too hungry at night and then make bad choices. I’ll give it a try!

Today’s meals (except for lunch) had a theme…they SUCKED! Haha! Everything I made that sounded so good, didn’t taste good at all!

Breakfast 8:30 am – 243 calories
¼ C Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt,
½ C Frozen Cherries, 3/8 C Skim Milk,
with ¼ C Dark Chocolate Almond Granola
Sounds good, right? Wrong! I love Black Cherry Yogurt, so I thought this would be great, but it was along the lines of ‘too much of a good thing’ or something and was just gross. I drank ½ of what’s pictured before I gave up and ate another ¼ C of the Granola.

My lunch yesterday hit the spot so much that I bought all of the ingredients last night to re-create it today, and it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I tend to go in spurts of eating a lot of something, then burning out and not eating it for a while, and lately salad hasn’t been sounding appealing at all. But after yesterday, I am back in the mood for yummy salads! I even bought one of the huge tubs of baby spring mix from Sam’s.

Lunch 12:00 pm – 670 calories
Mixed Greens with 4 ½ oz Grilled Chicken,
Honey Pecans with 1 oz Pecans & ½ T Honey,
2 T Feta, 1/6 C Craisins, & Grape Tomatoes
 Look how beautiful and colorful it is!

With 4 pieces of Roasted Garlic Whole Grain Melba Toast,
& 4 T Light Ranch Dressing (made by me)

 The best thing about making things for yourself, is that you know what is in it and how much of everything. As you can see, I love my Ranch Dressing! But I was able to make my own with Skim Milk, Light Mayo, & Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning, so it saved a ton of calories!

I started getting hungry for my snack at the usual 3:00, but held myself off as long as I could, trying to avoid the hunger during my run. No such luck though.

Snack 3:30 pm – 30 calories
 Followed by…

Snack 4:30 pm – 70 calories
Boiled Egg

Dinner was quite random! While I was grocery shopping yesterday, I discovered Lavash for the first time, while looking for lower calorie tortillas. It is only 50 calories for ½ of a piece, and these things are huge! And they are rectangle which is so much easier for making wraps anyways. I made my wrap last night with it and loved it so was pumped to try something new with it tonight…I’ll be sticking with the wraps from now on!

Dinner 6:30-7:30 pm – 470 calories
First…I munched on 5 ½ Wheat Thins &
3 T Whipped Cream Cheese with Jalapenos
While dinner was working

 Then I tried out a Veggie Pizza on ½ of a Lavash Bread

It looked great until ½ of the toppings slid off onto the bottom of the oven. Then to top it off, I really didn’t like the taste of this as a crust. So I ended up eating about 1/3 of it and tossing the rest.

Then, out of frustration and assumed approaching starvation, I made the dreaded nachos…

1 oz Tortilla Chips, 1/3 C Shredded Cheese,
1 T Black Olives, & some Salsa

So, minus the nachos, not too shabby of a day food wise. I even drank about 68 oz of water! I did add a dash of salt to the salsa on my nachos tonight. As if cheese isn’t salty enough right?! Bad habits die hard I suppose. But amazingly enough, I didn’t put any on my salad today, so I am getting better and I am really noticing the difference!

I was definitely not feeling the treadmill tonight. Even my warm up walk sucked! I only finished half of it because I just couldn’t seem to get into the groove. I think I am still sore from Monday. I am going to add on another run day to this weekend to make up for it though!

Couch to 5K: Week 4 Day 2
Treadmill - Manual - Level 0 – 17 min
1.34 Miles - 202 Calories Burned

• Warm Up: 5 min Walk at 4.0
• 3 min Jog at 5.7 – 90 sec Walk at 4.0
• 5 min Jog at 5.5 – 2.5 min Walk at 4.0

P90X Abs Video
• Arms & Shoulders Strength Training
• Drink at least 64 oz of Water
• Make wise food choices
• In bed by 11
• No adding Salt to my food

If you notice, I didn’t say stay under 1200 calories for a goal tomorrow. For one, it has been nearly impossible this week, and I also have a lunch appointment tomorrow with a client. I am going to do the best I can to order wisely, but it is definitely much more difficult to know what is in the food when you aren’t the one preparing it.

I didn’t go to Chiropractor today because I found out that one isn’t in my insurance network, so I want to try to find one that is. So I’ll keep you posted…

9:30 – time to shower and hit the hay!

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  1. I caved and had nachos today, too! Tomorrow's a new day, though...I'm trying not to beat myself up too badly.