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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day

I am so ready for the weekend!!!!!

FOOD - 1,210 Calories
Some of the girls from a hotel down the street brought us bagels this morning, and there were mini bagels! It was perfect! I could have a taste, but not too many calories!

Breakfast 9:00am - 215 Calories
Lt. Cherry Yogurt, Mini Asiago Bagel, & 1 T Cream Cheese

It took me most of the morning to finish my breakfast, so I wasn't really hungry for lunch. I ended up just having a couple of snacks throughout the afternoon instead.

Snack 1:15pm - 90 Calories
Pringles Pizza Stix

Snack 2:30pm - 80 Calories
Butterscotch Lollipop

Snack 4-5pm - 210 Calories
Carrots, Grape Tomatoes, 1 T FF Ranch Dip, & Hummus

Sky ended up having the day off, so he surprised me by making dinner. He is getting better at cooking healthy, but still isn't great about counting the calories before he makes it or at least as he goes. I asked him to keep it under 400 calories, and it was almost 900 calories. I scaled back to get it within my daily range. It was still more calories than I prefer to have for dinner, but not too bad. It was tasty though! And it was a great example for him to see why I complain about this diet thing sometimes. The meal he made seemed 'healthy' but wasn't quite what it seemed. Here is what I ended up eating:

Dinner 5:30pm - 615 Calories
7 oz Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken stuffed with
Jalapenos & 1 Slice of American Cheese, 1/2 C Green Beans,
French Bread with 1/2 oz Cheese & Tomato Slices, &
1/4 Baked Potato with 1/2 T FF Promise,
1 T FF Sour Cream, & Green Onions

He did a good job!

He had made twice as much bread for me and 1/2 of a potato. And then the little devil ate a huge bowl of ice cream with hot fudge right in front of me!!! So not fair that he gets to be tall and skinny!

We didn't work out again tonight. I still want to run 2 more times this week, so I'm thinking tomorrow or Friday, and Sunday. We'll see...

I am yet again re-thinking my whole workout plans. I have been reading several other blogs of people doing P90X, and it makes me want to start it. Plus I have been told by many people that Insanity is harder than I am re-thinking things...again. I will post more about this over the weekend, but I think I have a good idea that will work for me.

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