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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I LOVE Sunshine!

Man I do love me some sunshine! (And yes, I do have hick-like-tendencies; so I'm aloud to talk like that.) As I have mentioned before, I struggle with winter depression each most people I think. It definitely isn't bad at all like real depression, I just become very sluggish and a home-body. I tend to not want to do anything but sit on the couch where it is warm and the constant darkness before and after work hours is just plain depressing! To top it all off, we lived under a blanket of snow all winter this year, and even into spring. But now that the sun is doing its very best to stick around, my mood is suddenly changing! It is amazing what an effect it can have on my attitude!

I have never put 2 & 2 together until this weekend, that there is a good chance that this crummy winter weather could be at least partially to blame for my lack of exercise motivation lately. I was talking with one of my friends this weekend about how I usually get so addicted to working out once I get going, and that this time around I just haven't been able to get into it. I was telling him that I have forced myself every time I have done the little that I have. He said that even he has been having a hard time motivating himself to hit the gym, and he blamed it on this winter! It makes sense I suppose...because I seriously usually do get pretty hardcore about it once I establish a routine. I'm hoping/thinking this beautiful spring weather is just what I need to get goin' again!

I must say...I haven't been this excited about my diet in several weeks...I am so pumped to start P90X! I really hope this is what I need to get me over this hump that has drug on for way too long. I did read in the book today that it is ideal for people that are currently plateaued, and I certainly am. I have just been bouncing between 175-180 for several weeks now, and it is getting boring! It is way more exciting to see new numbers on that scale! Plus, all of this beautiful weather is making me realize that Bikini season is right around the corner...and my ass is not Bikini ready yet! I have not worn a Bikini (other than for my progress pics) since our honeymoon in 2006! I used to live in a Bikini all summer long. I want a tan belly this year gosh darn it! Oh man I am really excited...please work...please work!


  1. You'll make it! I have to be in a bikini in a month, so I feel your pain. I live in the midwest and haven't seen the ocean in two years. I finally get to go back to the East coast to visit my family and the first thing I am doing is going to the beach! I thought about not doing it b/c I really don't want to wear a bathing suit, but I know I'd kick myself if I did. Gotta suck it up, and commit to do my best during the month of April.

    When are you starting P90X? I hope you like it. It's tough and you'll probably want to give up, but I really am at the point now where I like it (for the most part). You will too.

  2. You will make it! Bikini ready in no time! I start tomorrow! I hope I like it too...keep it up!