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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Is P90X Time...

I'm back to thinking that I want to start P90X soon. I do think I will do Insanity sometime, but everybody keeps telling me I should do P90X first. And since I don't own Insanity and my friend is sending it back, P90X it is! I am really thinking/hoping that starting this program will help me to find a new motivation and focus again with the new challenge in front of me. I've been kind of at a stale-mate for several weeks now, so I'm hoping this might shake things up. I am planning to start P90X by Monday, April 5th. This gives me two more weeks to focus more on my running (if I would just make myself run).

Here is where I need your advice/opinion. I am thinking about giving myself 4 months to complete P90X, instead of just the 3 months that it is designed for. My reasons for this are pretty simple...time, time, & time! I am already extremely busy, and things at work are about to get even more crazy for me. I worry that working out 6 days a week is just unrealistic with my schedule. And I know how I can be...if I miss a day then I feel like I have messed up and just have to start over again. I am also thinking that this will allow me to still run 1-2 times a week so I don't lose the little progress I have made on that. Skyler is going to do the program with me, and since he is a nurse and works 12 hour shifts, there is no way he will be able to work out on the day's he works. He is entirely too mentally & physically exhausted to work out after a day at work. So that is another reason I am leaning towards giving myself more than the 3 months.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on stretching this out longer than recommended, because I am struggling with this decision. On one had I don't want to set myself up for failure by setting goals that I can't reach. But on the other hand I know that the whole point of the program is the intensity level for 84 days straight. I worry that I'll just be hurting my own progress by stretching it out. If I do decide to give myself more time, I think I will still try to stick to the plan as closely as possible, but maybe just not freak out when I have to skip days. Then when I do miss a day, rather than skipping that workout I could just pick up where I left off the following day. I have listed my Pro's and Con's below, but I'm sure I have left some off. Please give me your feedback...especially if you are currently doing or have completed P90X. I really want to do this program and I really want it to work for me! I have been stuck for a while now, and I need something to help pull me out of my plateau.

- Greater chance of Completion
- Less Stress/More Time
- Keep up with Running
- Will be able to do with Skyler

- Possibly less dramatic Results
- Feeling like a Pansy for not doing it right
- 4 months seems so much longer than 3 (and maybe more time to get sick of it)

I must say, I am very excited to start this workout plan! I think it will be exciting to see the changes in my body, and should be fun for something new. Bring on the comments...and please be honest!!!


  1. I think that you would have best results doing as set out, BUT I also think that you can make it work for you. From the experience we've had so far (my husband & I doing it together for almost one month) the fact that your spouse is willing to do it with you will increase your chances of success more than completing in a shorter period of time. The workouts are great; muscle confusion awesome & a working concept, BUT if you can get the nutrition plan down for both of you, that will also increase your chances of success, better than just doing activity for the 90 days. I say go for it, map it out to 4 workouts a week maybe & FOLLOW the nutrition plan as exact as you can (even though it might seem like more calories and/or food you're eating now). We also are not drinking alcohol for the 90 days, which I believe is the other big part of our success so far. We are weighing (me for the first time since we started), measuring, doing BMI, & pics early next week, so check my blog for results from 28 days following the program exactly. Honestly I feel great right now, more normal weight & body type than in the last couple of years from just 4 weeks. That's another option for you; can you commit to intense program following for 4 weeks & then re-evaluate. Options, options! Good luck & hope this helps! In conclusion, I think my results are 25% from activity, 50% from nutrition plan, & 25% from non-drinking, but what do I know? I didn't design the program which embraces doing all at the same time, you know?

  2. I like that idea...try to stick to it as closely as possible for the first 4 weeks, then re-evaluate. I really don't feel like I can/will realistically workout 6 days a week...but I would like to do it the best I can b/c I do want the results!