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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lean or Classic?

Which P90X plan should I do, Lean or Classic? I do want to lose weight, so I was thinking Lean. But I also want to keep up with my running at least once a week, so I'm thinking maybe Classic to get a good balance of Cardio & Strength Training through P90X. Any insight or suggestions?


  1. Hi Kelli -
    I was wondering the same thing for me... and I came across a beach body coach that gave this answer about a woman that was doing the lean and frustrated with her results:

    "If you really want to change your shape, I recommend that you switch to the Classic routine. The extra resistance training is going to cause your body to put on more muscle which not only shapes you, it will help you burn more calories. You’ll also be doing Ab Ripper X 3x per week rather than 2x per week which will help pull in your stomach. I suspect many women worry about putting on too much muscle but the fact is that we don’t generate enough testosterone (like men do) to do that."

    She has more areas on her website that actually recommend that women try Classic first, which is why I made the switch.. I think if you are already running - Classic would be best.

  2. This is exactly the advice I was looking for...thanks Nora! Classic it is! I am really getting myself psyched up for this...I am excited to begin!