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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pretty Sore

Wow! My hips are killing me today...all from that measly 10 minute run! I guess it worked me out pretty good because I am certainly feeling it today!

FOOD - 550 Calories (so far)
I've done good so far today on my meals. I am trying to be thoughtful of my dinner out tonight so hopefully I don't blow it too bad.

Breakfast 8:15am - 70 Calories
1 Delicious Orange!

Lunch 12:00pm - 480 Calories
Sandwich on a Croissant with 2 pc Roast Beef,
4 pc Turkey, 2 pc Lt. Cheese, 1 T Lt. Mayo, & Shred Lettuce
with 1 C Grape Tomatoes & a Banana

Everybody is sick at work, so I'm planning to have another orange for my afternoon snack and maybe the rest of my Strawberries from yesterday. Hoping the Vitamin C from the 2 oranges will help keep me healthy! Guess I could always just remember to take my vitamins too huh?

I will try to post tonight when we get back from dinner, but we'll see. I'm so exhausted because I've been staying up until midnight! I have to get to bed early tonight! Not having my camera is making my posts so boring! I've gotta see if I can find my old camera while I'm waiting on this one to get fixed.  Hope you are all having a terrific hump day!


  1. The first 10 minutes of a run set the pace to how you'll go the rest of the session. Control your breathing and'll get it! And soon, your hips shouldn't hurt.

  2. Yeah, I have definitely noticed this. Sometimes I'm just feeling it and sometimes I'm just not!