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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Progress Pics

Here they are...finally! Not really much different from last month. But man, my hair has gotten long! Recently, I have noticed changes in my arms mostly, which makes me super happy! I'm still nowhere near bikini ready, but slowly but surely getting there.

              January 1, 2009                       March 1, 2010

I've come a long way in my weight loss journey so far! I am really hoping that my April 1st pictures show a bit more progress. Guess I had better get my rear to the gym!!!


  1. I see quite a difference...keep it up! 140 is my goal weight, too. I'm 161 right now. So, 20 pounds to go!

  2. 20'll make it in no time...especially doing P90X! Good luck!

  3. Great Job girl!! Your doing awesome.. Keep it up.. I'm doing P90X is a great workout plan..

  4. Thanks Jackie! I am about ready to start P90X...I'm hoping it will be what I need to get rid of the last of this weight! Good luck with your P90X Journey!