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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stupid Inner Fatty

My inner fatty has been out with a vengeance lately and it is pissing me off! I am struggling so bad. All I want to do is go out to eat, order unhealthy food & a drink, and then come home and sit on the couch. I was so motivated for so long, and I just am not anymore. I know I will get that way again, but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am just burned out all around. I am so sick of working all the time and then my diet feels like a second job. I just need a good month of rest where all I have to focus on is my diet and my fun crafts. I guess I'll keep dreaming! Maybe I'll win the lottery tonight?!

FOOD - 1,547 Calories
I went over on my stupid calories right at the end of the day. I was on track, and then I came home with a bad attitude and ruined it. Ah! Dieting is so hard and annoying!

Breakfast 8:30am - 140 Calories
Fiber One Bar

Lunch 11:45am - 585 Calories
Chicken Parmesan: 2 oz Spaghetti with 1/2 C Marinara Sauce,
6 oz Chicken, & 1 Slice RF Provolone Cheese

I had the busiest day in and out of appointments, and to top it off I wasn't feeling very good. Sky and I are both a bit under the weather today. So for my afternoon snack I opted for something that would hopefully settle my stomach.

Snack 2:30pm - 118 Calories
4 Saltines with 6 oz Sprite

While dinner was baking, I was dumb and snacked on a bunch of crap. I'll show you diet! That was the attitude I was dumb!

Pre-Dinner Snack 5:30pm - 315 Calories
1 Graham Cracker with 2 T Icing &
1 Bag Baked Ruffles

Thank goodness I had dinner ready to put in the oven tonight because I really did want to go out to eat. But we didn't. I did munch on food stupidly while it was cooking, but at least I ate dinner at home.

Dinner 6:30pm - 389 Calories

Sky and I decided against working out tonight. We didn't think that people in the gym would appreciate us vomiting or hacking a lung on the treadmill. So it is 8:00 and we're off to bed!

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