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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weigh In

I weighed 176.2 on Friday morning. I was a bit disappointed because I had weighed 175 on Thursday, but that's life. I was really hoping to lose more this week, but hey, at least I didn't gain right?! I keep saying this, but I really do have to get going hardcore again if I am going to reach my goals! This half-assed attitude isn't going to cut it. I think I've kind of gotten cocky & lazy lately because I am feeling so much better and am pretty proud of my accomplishments so far, but I need to get back to reality. I am still not at a weight that makes me happy or feel confident, so I have to buckle down!

Off of the subject completely, but the weather here is absolutely insane!!! It was almost 70 degrees on Friday. I wore flip-flops & a t-shirt when we went out to dinner that night. Then yesterday it was like 30 degrees and snowed 6 inches or something crazy! Are you kidding me?! Gotta love the weather around here!

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