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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a great weekend! We got to see our great friends from CA that are expecting their first baby in July...and I got to feel him kick! Knowing that we were going to have company also made us clean our house, which it really needed! It feels great to have a clean house again! When my house is a mess, I feel like a mess and all stressed out. Much more calming to be at home now.

Not that I really have to mention it lately, but the diet & exercise weren't really thought about much this weekend. I actually didn't do terrible, but nothing to write home about either. I just keep maintaining. I do think that it is awesome that I have been able to maintain for the past 6 weeks or so without trying like I should be, but I'm not ready to be done. I really want to keep losing's not time for my maintenance phase yet!

The way I have been looking at it this weekend is that maybe I just needed these last few weeks off? I have been losing weight since August and just got sick of caring. Maybe taking an unintentional break wasn't so bad after all. I have had a chance to relax again for a bit, but I do really have to refocus soon if I'm going to make any of my goals that are extremely important to me!

That being said, Sky and I are going to start P90X on April 1st; this Thursday. I am going to try to stick to the plan as closely as possible; however I know I will not work out 6 days a week. I would like to say that I have it in me to do it, but I just know that at this point in my life I don't. Rather than just skip the entire workout because I miss a day though, I am going to give myself extra time to complete the program. I definitely want to be done with P90X by no later than the end of July, hopefully early to mid July though. My goal is to do no less than 4 of the P90X workouts a week, and run at least once a week. I realize that I may not get the exact results that I would if I stuck to the plan perfectly...but I'm not perfect! I am going to try to hit the ground running for the first week or two to get a strong start, and just keep pushing myself as hard as I can! Wish me luck...I really hope this is what it takes to help me get going again. Now I need to read my nutrition book again so I remember what I need to do.

I skipped my weigh-in this week because it would have been worthless. I haven't been trying, and the scale hasn't been budging! I will weigh in and take before pictures on Thursday for my P90X progress photos, so I will update then.

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