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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I L-O-V-E P90X Plyometrics

Am I crazy?! I love this video! I think it will be my favorite, and Skyler thinks it will be his least favorite. I started cramping from the complete insanity after we had only completed the warm-up. I didn't think I would be able to finish the video, but I pushed through and felt great afterwards! Now every time I sit down or stand up I scream in agony, but I just love it when my legs & butt are sore; it helps me to visualize what they might look like 90 days later! I would say I hung in there for about 75% of the workout.

I was planning to run today before the workout, but forgot...and thank goodness! This certainly isn't the day to add more cardio considering I can barely move right now. I really want to keep up with my 5K training, but am not quite sure when I will have time or energy to add it in. Any suggestions? I am also about to start my golf lessons up again (will be posting more on this later), so I'm gonna have to find time to squeeze that in too!

We were both craving pancakes this morning, so I had 3 small pancakes with light syrup and 3 oz of turkey breakfast sausage for breakfast/lunch. It was quite tasty and definitely hit the spot! I didn't get hungry again until about 5:00, after our workout so I had a Snickers Protein bar. It was very good (best protein bar I've tried so far), and it held me over until just a minute ago. I just had a small bowl of reduced fat popcorn and we are about to enjoy a movie and relax on the couch for a bit. One of the great side effects I am going to enjoy is the sound sleep at night. I am so exhausted that I will just crash the second I hit the pillow! I will be adding pictures back in tomorrow.

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