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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Alive!

I am so sorry! I have been the world's worst blogger lately! Thanks Nora & everybody else that reads this for not giving up on me! Life has just been so busy, and I have neglected my blogging :( I hate when that happens...when life gets so hectic that something's gotta give. A not-so brief catch up of the last week in my life---

I was pretty sick most of last week with a miserable ear & sinus infection! I'm all better now, thank goodness. I have been overwhelmed at work. I am fairly new to my position, and have been struggling to keep up with the new work load. It should slow down after next week I think/hope. It has been just mentally draining though, so all I want to do when I get home is pass out and not think anymore. Sky & I actually went to bed at 8:30 on Saturday! We were both just wiped out from constantly going, going, going. We ate like crap this weekend, because we knew we were about to make some changes...again. We had actually planned to play golf on Saturday and I was very excited, but it rained all day so we went to the bar with some friends instead. Smart exchange, right?!

I have been eating pretty healthy so far this week. I am still trying to get rid of stuff out of the pantry & freezer, but did grocery shop for some fresh items this weekend. I created a meal plan on Sunday for this week, and have stuck to it so far. I always do much better with a meal plan! And it is really exciting to be cleaning the kitchen out some! I organized the pantry and freezer this weekend and it felt great (yes, I'm a weird overly-organized freak!).

One exciting thing that has taken most of my free time the last 3 nights is I am finally finishing a couple of scrapbooks that I've been working on for months now! I'm almost done with them and they are turning out great! I L-O-V-E crafts! I wish I had more free time and all I would do is my crafts and work out! What hobbies are you into?

So are you tired of me always having a "new plan"? I have been so inconsistent the last couple of months, and it is shameful. But, as I promised last week, I am going to re-start P90X this week; Thursday to be exact! This will make Wednesday my off days, which is perfect because my golf lessons are usually on Wednesday's. Also, my annual check-up is this Thursday, so I will be weighing in at the Dr.'s, so it all seems to fall together nicely. I'm a bit embarrassed to go weigh in though, since I have only lost a couple of pounds since the last time I went in mid February. But oh well, we all need a break sometimes I suppose.

Unfortunately, my break has lasted way/weigh too long! I am starting to feel like I used to before I started losing weight with the whole "I'll do it tomorrow...or next week...or I'll start on Monday..." excuses, excuses, excuses! My only explanation is that I just got burnt out. I went at it hard and heavy for 6 months, and hit the 50 pound mark and then stopped. I am now starting to panic though because summer is creeping up on me, and I'm not going to be able to make my goal of 140 by August if I don't crank it into high gear! I don't want my lame excuses to turn into another 5 years of being a fatty!

I am a bit worried about starting again this week because it is a 6 day work week for me and I'm going to be busy and exhausted. But I have decided that I'm just going to have to tough it out because I will be tired & exhausted either way. Now I will just be tired & exhausted & exercised!

As I predicted before, I am too much of a systematic, anal retentive, type A personality that it really bothers me to not do P90X correctly. I am still going to give myself some leeway to skip some days and extend it longer than 90 days if I absolutely have to. But I am really going to try to just do it the right way. 90 days won't kill me...will it?! I might even just have to work out some mornings (eek! Did I just say that?!). I am so NOT a morning person. Plus, I don't even consider anything before 6:00am is still night time! :) But I have been reading several other P90Xers & Boot Campers blogs and they are way tougher than me and wake up at all crazy hours to get their work outs in! I really don't see me making mornings a regular thing, because I am pretty sure I might die, but I am trying to talk myself into it on the occasion that it will prevent me from skipping all together. And who knows; maybe I'll become a morning person?! NAH! That ain't gonna happen! :)

So here are some of my new commitments to hopefully get back on track and stay on track.
  • Begin P90X this Thursday
  • Continue Golf Lessons once a week
  • Start running 1-2 times a week again
  • Get back to counting calories
  • Cut out Diet Soda's (at least mostly)
  • Blog regularly again!
And the real Kickers that Sky has agreed to do with me...
  • Eating out twice a week or less (once together & once with friends)
  • Cut out random alcohol drinking (a beer after a long day, a glass of wine b/c it's Sat, etc)
The last 2 will probably be the hardest to adapt to. We kind of go in phases, so we just need to break some bad habits that we have re-developed. We have been spending way too much money on eating out lately, and we are on a 2 year plan to be debt free so we have to re-focus on our priorities. We aren't going to give up alcohol completely (although we should). But we are going to limit ourselves to only drink when we have a special occasion or event with friends (float trip, camping, party, etc). I have gotten to where I have been having a Corona Light or glass of wine 3-4 nights a week. Not to get drunk or anything; just because I like them and they were in the house. So now the house is empty of beer and wine (don't worry...I made sure they didn't go to waste this weekend).

The soda thing is something that I'm not sure how I feel about. I know all of the arguments against drinking even diet soda, but I have always thought of it as something that I enjoy that doesn't have any calories. I didn't buy any this week just to see how it goes. I have one Diet Pepsi left, and believe it or not, haven't been tempted to drink it yet. I'm mostly doing this to save the money, and to make myself drink more water. Plus, we have lots of sugar free Kool-Aid & tea in the pantry that I want to get rid of.

Wow! This is a really long post. Kudos to you if you actually made it this far! Sorry again for my lazy blogging lately...I promise to get back to my regular posting each night! I actually started this blog to learn how to blog because I am going to be launching a new one in a few months that I think will be very exciting and interesting (more details in the weeks/months to come). I guess if I want to learn though, I have to keep up with it, huh?


  1. So I just found your blog - you are a TOTAL inspiration, mostly because our stories, weights, and goals are sooo similar. Love it! Good luck. I'm so there too!

  2. Hi Kelli -
    Great to have you "back" and OMG - Your Saturday sounds like my Friday. I took the day off to head to our boat, then the weather was crappy so Andy and I ended up at the bar, and it was SO MUCH FUN! Damn. Why oh why can't alcohol have fewer calories? I think we are similar drinkers... I had the glass of wine with dinner last night, because I like a glass of wine with my dinner, dammit! :)

  3. Nice to hear you're feeling better. That was a good post. I can tell it was in the moment & from the heart. You're not going to be a fatty in 5 CAN & WILL DO IT! I'm intrigued by your next blog idea...;-)

  4. Good luck with the P90x and the new commitment! Oh, and golf can be rather addicting, I hope you're enjoying your lessons.

  5. Thanks so much Briana! And good luck with your goals!!!

    Nora, if only booze didn't have the calories. It is just so refreshing and relaxing to enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine. Guess I'm gonna just have to cut back for a while though so my gut will go away! :)

    Thanks Gina! I had fun writing this one! I had so much to say since it had been a week since I had posted! Plus, I was feeling kind of sassy while I was writing I think! My new blog will be a lot of doubt!

    Thanks Greg! I so wish I had the self control that you have with your diet and exercise! And yes, my husband is insanely obsessed with golf since he started playing 3 years ago! I haven't really gotten into it until this year. For some reason it is finally starting to click a bit and now I am really getting into it and want to play more!!!