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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running Hurts!

Every time I run I am reminded of how much I'm not a fan! My run today probably wouldn't even be considered a warm up by a real runner. I walked to & from the gym, Ran for 10 min at a 5.5 speed on the Treadmill, walked for 5 min at 4.0, and then ran again for 5 more min at 5.5. This little "run" made my lungs feel like they were about to explode, gave me a headache, and made my legs sore again. I am just not made for running I don't think!

I am going to give up on the idea of ever running a 10K or 1/2 marathon. I don't like it enough to dedicate the time to training for either! I am going to continue running 1-2 times a week to get to the point that I can run/jog a 5K. I don't know that I will ever run in a race, but I do feel like I should be at a level of health that I can run a 5K fairly easily. So that is my new running be able to run a 5K, and maintain that progress. That's good enough for me!


  1. Hey Kelli,

    Don't beat yourself up! You're starting where many of us have in the past. It might be that the way you run is a little off; funnily enought there's proper technique. Or your shoes could be unsupportive. If you're able to get through the P90X cardio workouts, I'm sure endurance isn't the issue, but I don't think it should hurt? I always get a blister in the exact same spot (I need different shoes, but mine are those Nike + compatable ones and well long story...). I'm glad that you're going to stick with it; I never thought I'd love it & now I kinda do. This is at least three years after I started seriousely. For a long while I'd just crank out a mile and be done. Then I got to the point of a 5k and it took everything in my being to get done. Yesterday I ran a little over 5 miles straight (which is huge for me & I'm not bragging) and it felt good...especially to be done:-) What has helped the most for me is going outside; I am not great on the treadmill, even with a good tv show. I think it messes with my natural gate and I'm too numbers crazy. When I'm outside it helps me to meditate, enjoy the scenary and pay attention to what my body is telling me. So anyway, keep with it; keep your short term goal and someday you may love it. PS; today up at 6:15am, what the crap? Oh & super big congrats on your weight loss week; amazing:-)

  2. I went to a specialty store that supposedly put me in the right shoe for me...not sure I think it made a difference though. Everybody says it is so much easier to run outside, so I think I'm gonna give it a try next time. The weather is so beautiful right now, so maybe it will help to be enjoying the weather to make myself keep going. I do really want to get to the point where a 5K comes fairly easy, then I'll go from there. Thanks so much for the advice! And 6:15 is insane!!! I actually slept in a bit on Sunday (thank God!) Thanks on the weight's not a true weight loss though b/c it was just pounds that I have just put on the past couple of weeks from being careless.