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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sick & Busy

To top off what will probably be my busiest week at work for the entire year...I am sick! I woke up Saturday morning with a scratchy throat and thought that maybe I snored or something. But then it didn't go away and then I started sneezing and coughing, and now my ears are hurting. LAME! Everybody at work got this a few weeks ago and I thought I was so lucky because I managed to stay healthy...but no...I just waited to get it when I was too busy to take any time off to rest. Oh well! I am looking at the bright side that I was planning to take this week off of working out anyways, so I guess if I have to be sick it might as well be this week when I'm not trying to workout.

P90X Plans
Speaking of workouts...I AM planning to get back to my P90X routine next week! I love the program, and I really want to do it right. I know it can/will work for me...and so I really want to focus on it with un-detoured motivation. I am spending my down time this week to do some planning to help set myself up for success. I have been at this crappy stand still with my weight for 2 months now and it is really pissing me off! It is my own darn fault, but I don't want to quit. I need to get that fire back under my ass that I had back in August, September, October, & November when I lost my first 50 pounds! (that was my pep talk to myself for the day)

I have done good so far today! I am starving right now and just too tuckered out to get up and make anything for dinner. Hopefully I stay strong the rest of the night and don't make any dumb choices!

I made my breakfast for this morning last night. It hit the spot!

Breakfast 8:15am
2 Fiber One Banana Nut Muffins

Lunch tried to turn into a catastrophe! I was going to make the last big potato in the cupboard for another baked potato. But...the microwave had other plans. The plate I was heating it up on busted into several pieces from the heat. I didn't want to take any chances that any of the shards of glass made it into the potato, so I threw it away and started over. After staring into the pantry, then the freezer, and back to the pantry again I started pulling out random ingredients that sounded ok and made myself a make-shift Rice & Bean Bowl. It turned out great and hit my never ending Mexican I'll call it a successful meal!

Lunch 1:00pm
Garden Vegetable Ready Rice, Kidney Beans,
Cilantro Lime Rotel, Black Olives, & Cheese
and a Sugar Free Peach Lemonade

So, I have been hungry since I got home and just don't have the energy to get off of the couch to make something to eat. I avoided all drive thru's on the way home, as tempting as they were. I was planning to make Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Red Potatoes & Boiled Carrots tonight, but that sounds like it would take way too much effort right now! So I just snacked on healthy options when I got home and just plan to go to bed soon and eat breakfast in the morning.

Snack 6:00pm
Lime & Mixed Berry Real Fruit Popsicle's


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon.

    And the food looks great, especially lunch! I love Mexican.

  2. Mexican food is my weekness!!! I am always trying to come up with healthier ways to enjoy the same flavors!