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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday House Showing

Thursday didn't go quite as planned either, but I at least had a better excuse. I had been invited to a surprise birthday party after work. We were going to go get drinks and appetizers at Ruth Chris for happy hour. I had a plan in place to just order water and hang out for a bit and then head home to get my workout in (Sky was at work so he couldn't talk me out of it). :) Well...I stuck to the plan, ordered a water, and about 15 minutes into the evening my phone rang. Somebody called & wanted to see our house so I ended up driving to MO & back. It was an exhausting evening and I didn't get home until about 9:30, so I didn't get to workout again. But it was worth it if the house sells!

FOOD - 950 Calories
Not enough calories again on Thursday, but I just wasn't that hungry and I was very busy again!

Breakfast 9:00am - 200 Calories
Brown Sugar Oatmeal Express

Lunch 1:00pm - 720 Calories
Chicken Sandwich with 2 pc Wheat Bread, 3 pc Cheese,
1 1/2 Chicken Patties, 1 T Lt. Mayo, 1 T Ketchup,
& 3 oz Waffle Fries

Snack 5:15pm - 30 Calories
1 Plum

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