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Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

I have been the world's worst blogger lately! I don't write regularly anymore...and I haven't even been doing anything write-worthy. So I will try to get better...but I'm just still in a rut. Enough of that nonsense...

We had a fantastic (but busy) weekend. We went to both of our mom's houses in Missouri to celebrate mother's day a week late. I actually didn't eat too awful...considering. I even skipped the apple crisp and used a small plate for my dinner so I couldn't load it down. I didn't work out any, but I see that changing in my near future. My sister's are coming down this weekend for a girls weekend...and Laura is a freakin hoss! She does crossfit and competes in power lifting, so she will kick my ass. She is going to run outside with me, which I have really been wanting to try. And she wants to try some of my P90X videos.

I'm still fighting to get my motivation back; every day...but it's still slow goin. Don't give up on me...I'll figure it out someday!


  1. That'll be fun and sounds a little scary in reference to your girls weekend. My friend Alex calls me a drill sargeant, so I'm thinking that your sis & I have something in commen;-)

    Keep fighting the good fight & don't forget to enjoy life. For me learning to do so without overindulging is going to be the real accomplishment!

  2. haha Yeah - Laura is pretty into her work outs!