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Monday, May 10, 2010

Making a Come-Back

Yep! It's true...I'm making a come-back. I didn't post this weekend because I didn't want to make anymore promises that I wouldn't follow through with. So rather than doing that, I acted first and will now update you on my gradual progress. Not much to write home about yet, but I'll take gradual progress over my recent regression any day!

I ran on Saturday for 15 minutes, 1.38 miles straight at 5.5 speed on the treadmill!!! It's been a while since I ran last; and I have only gone for 15 minutes a few times. So not too shabby for being a bit rusty! When I went to the gym I was just hoping to run for 5 minutes with a 3 minute walk, 3 times. When I hit the 5 minute mark I was just starting to get into my groove and still feeling ok so I decided to go to 8. Still felt good at 8 so thought I would keep going to 10 minutes. Once I hit 10 I still felt like I had more in me so I committed myself to do 15 minutes. I pretty much thought I was going to die from 12 minutes on, but I kept pushing myself to make it happen. It always amazes me what a total body workout running is. I was sore everywhere the next day! I am proud of myself for getting back to the gym! I really want to get to where I can run a 5K at 6mph, or 30 minutes. I know that is not very fast. But for me, I will be more than thrilled if I can do that once a week.

Sky & I were going to play golf tonight, but we are in a Tornado Watch and it is way too windy, so that didn't pan out. We will either play tomorrow, or I will run again. Depends on the weather I suppose.

I ate like shit this weekend, and felt very gross and unfulfilled from it! Two different times I thought to myself "Why did I do this?!", "It wasn't worth it!". So after my McDonald's lunch on Sunday I decided to stop that crap and I finished the day out good and ate pretty good today. I am working on a meal plan and grocery list to go shopping tomorrow and get real food back in the house. We did a great job of cleaning out the freezer and pantry...but now there is nothing to eat!

Moving in the Right Direction
Like I said...I didn't make any drastic changes yet; but I did take a couple of steps in the right direction, and feel pretty good about it. I was feeling down last week and this weekend after we found out that the lady backed out on the house, so I sulked for a few days. But now I'm re-focusing again I think. I even told Skyler no when he suggested ice cream tonight! :) I just pray that the fire lights back under my rear again soon and I start doing what it takes to see the results I want to see. Here's to a positive week with a good attitude!


  1. A 5k once a week is a great goal; I remember the first time I did it on the treadmill, I thought I was going to die! I still hate running on the treadmill, do you ever run outside? Also, FYI I average like an 11 min mile outside, so if that's my natural pace and I can keep going, that's what I'm most concerned about. Not that you need my history...but I thought maybe it'd be encouraging. Keep at it!

  2. Thanks guys! I'm feeling much more positive and motivated this week...hope it sticks around and ramps up! I do need to run outside! I keep saying that and keep not doing it. The treadmill gives me nothing to do but to focus on the pain. And that is encouraging. I know most people don't consider my pace even running...but you're right. If it works for me, that's all that matters! :)

  3. You can do this!!! Congrats on the run, feels so good, doesn't it. :)