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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sisters Weekend

I had a GREAT weekend! My sister's came down and we had a blast! We got to do everything we had planned...which never happens!

I took off of work Friday afternoon so when they got here we went to lunch and then got pedi's together. Then we went grocery shopping and bought tons of fruits and veggies!

We slept in on Saturday which felt oh-so-good, then got around and went shopping all day! I bought some new earrings and flip flops and the girls both got really cute swim suits. We came back to the house Saturday night worn out so we hit the hot tub and relaxed!

After we slept in again on Sunday, we laid out by the pool all afternoon until they had to leave. It was such a beautiful day...felt like the first true "summer day". I even got a little sun burned!

We didn't eat super healthy this weekend, but were very strategic about when we ate our unhealthy meals. We made sure to have our big meals at like 3:00 each day, and then in the evenings we just munched on veggies and fruit that we cut up Friday night. I didn't even drink alcohol this weekend either! The only thing we didn't do was exercise; however, we walked around the outdoor mall all day Saturday!

I gained a couple of pounds back this weekend, but nothing like I have been doing. So it wasn't a complete success, but at least partial. I can't wait to get to the 160's...hopefully this week or next! Here goes another week of struggles and hopefully successes!

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  1. It sounds like you had a really good time with them and didn't overconsume; that's what matters anyhow! You can do it! The rest/relaxation should be good for you to have the energy this week to do the right things to get closer to your mini goal.