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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bought a Bikini

This weekend was so great! It was just what Sky and I needed...a chance to have fun for a change! We got our work out of the way Friday night and Saturday. We had to go to MO to clean out our garage and meet with a realtor. One more hard day and the garage will be completely organized...finally! And we are listing the house with a realtor, so hopefully it will sell soon.

We didn't work out on Saturday, but cleaning the garage in the heat and lifting boxes all day was work enough! We got a couple of chores out of the way Sunday morning, then lounged by the pool and cooked out with some friends. On Monday morning we got up and played 9 holes of golf. We walked the course, so that was a good 2 1/2 hours worth of a mild work out in the heat. Then we spent the rest of the day Monday lounging by the pool and watching a movie! This weekend was so great!!! I just wish it could have lasted longer!

My downfall this weekend was my food choices! I'm back to my old game of working all week to get my weight down to 173, then eat like shit all weekend and gain it back. Such a waste of time and so disappointing! I don't know what it's going to take to get my act in gear anymore!

I did buy a bikini this weekend...and actually wore it! Not that I should have! I am definitely still too big for a bikini. Sky was giving me a hard time because he is sick of me wearing my old lady full pieces so he pretty much forced me to buy one. :) It is actually really cute and I don't look too awful in it. It is one with thicker sides (like 2-3 inches) and comes up a bit higher to cover more of my gut. I am contemplating just wearing it around the house at night just to remind myself why it's not worth eating like crap!

I really wish I could get a boost of motivation that I had from August through January to get the rest of this weight off! I know exactly why I'm not losing weight, and I don't seem to consistently be doing anything about it! Ugh! Why couldn't I have just been born with a killer metabolism???


  1. What do you think made it easier during that time period to be successful?

    Sky seems like such a sweet hubby; I bet he thinks you're beautiful now & you're just too hard on yourself. Wade likes me without make-up & that's hard for me to accept sometimes (although I should be more than greatful:-)

  2. I have been asking myself that question...and don't know and wish I did. I was taking my diet pill then, but I take it some now too. Who knows?!?!

    Yes, Sky is very proud of me and all my accomplishments (even the smaller ones along the way). And he is the same as Wade...he prefers me in no make up wich is awesome...because I'm not a huge fan of wearing it!