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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Longest Run to Date

As I promised Skyler, I have started running outside with him. We went Thursday and I jogged about 3/4 of a mile of the 2.5 miles. I walked the rest, and was pretty proud of myself. I had mixed feelings on running outside. I really enjoyed the scenery much more than what I get on the treadmill, but I really struggled with keeping my pace. I am a numbers girl, so it really helps me on the treadmill to have a set pace and just count down the time. It was also extremely hot when we ran on Thursday because we went out at 5:30. So between the beaming sun, my first time running outside, and a varied pace...I wasn't sure I was sold on outside runs.

I went out last night for a girls night to a Japanese restaurant and then to watch Sex and the City 2. So I didn't run, but we had a blast! And I actually ate pretty healthy at the restaurant. I ordered sushi first, which is low calorie. Then I ordered the steamed rice instead of fried and shared my entree with one of the other girls. Even after sharing I only ate about half of my meal and brought the rest home for Sky.

I was actually looking forward to running tonight. Sky got off of work at 7:30 and we changed and headed out. It was so much nicer to run later in the evening once it wasn't so stinkin hot! Skyler lead us tonight and set the pace which helped tremendously. I also worked on my posture tonight which felt a million times better (I have a terrible posture and Sky pointed out on Thursday that it was even more exaggerated when I ran).

The first 5 minutes sucked, like they always seem to. Then I started feeling pretty good and the next 10 minutes went by so quickly, which was way better than the treadmill. Then the last 5 minutes kinda started hurting. So I ran for 20 minutes straight tonight...5 minutes longer than what I have done previously!!! I was pretty stoked. We did the same route again, which is just shy of 2.5 miles. I walked for the first couple of minutes to warm up then jogged 20 minutes, walked 10, jogged 2, then walked the last 2 or 3 minutes. My legs are so sore! But I am so proud of myself. It ended up being 2.5 miles in about 38 minutes, not very fast, but definitely better than sitting my ass on the couch all night! And to make it even better, I skipped dinner because I wasn't hungry and didn't drink the Corona I was maybe the scale will head back in the right direction???

I felt really good tonight, like "man, I'm kind of enjoying this" so I hope that feeling sticks around. I really, really need and want to get into the 150's by August. I won't make my goal of 140 by then, but really hope I can get to the 150's and into my size 10's again (I'm 5'7"). I am so freakin sick of my clothes. I have 2 pairs of shorts that fit right now...not fun when it's 90+ degrees out and I have to wear jeans because my shorts are both dirty. And I still refuse to buy new clothes until I hit my goal. I don't want to just waste my money on something that hopefully won't fit for long.

I have salad makin's and grilled chicken and baked potatoes in the house, so I plan to eat healthy all day tomorrow. My mom came down tonight and we're going to lay by the pool after church tomorrow, so it is shaping up to be another good weekend! Oh...and I also made it up and back from MO today. I spent a couple of hours working on the garage again, and made descent progress. Hope everybody else is having a great weekend!

PS: I would love to hear any tips for helping to keep a steady pace when running outside. It seems like when a good song comes on my iPhone I speed up, and then quickly wear out! :)


  1. I hate running outside too, but do you have a heart rate monitor? They're so fun and motivating to wear because they count your cals too. If I've burnt 275 cals at the end of my run, sometimes I'll go just a little further and get to 300. It makes you want to work harder!!! Also, mine counts how long my heart rate has been in the "zone", I try for 30 minutes. You should look into it, Polar is a good brand and in Target.

  2. Hey Dacon! I actually really want to get a heart rate monitor, but didn't know which one to get. There are so many and they seem to range in price so much. I want a decent one, but don't want to spend too much either. I'll have to check the Polar brand out at Target. Thanks for the info!!!

  3. I want to wait to buy new clothes too, once I've lost all the weight, but it sucks so bad!! I have NOTHING to wear and NOTHING cute that fits me. Oh well, it's part of the sacrifice right? I also love running outside- I used to be a treadmill girl too but now that I go outside regularly I find the treadmill so tedious and you have to remind yourself you're using more muscles to run outside and therefore burning more calories than you do on the treadmill. Plus it seems to go by faster cause you have things to look at. :)

    Good luck girl! Hope it grows on you soon!!!

  4. Diz - It does suck...cause I always feel like I look so dumpy in my misfitting clothes! But it will all be worth it when I hit my goal and go shopping like crazy!!! Thanks...and I think I am going to start liking it more (as much as I can like running).

    Nora - do you have to have the thing for your shoe to use the nike+ fitness thing? I see it on my iPhone, but haven't messed with it any.

  5. Kelli-I use Nike+ all of the time & love it. Yes, I have the shoe component $30 nominally. You then upload the data from your Ipod & it has a tracking sysetm on-line. I started in October, 2009 & have burnt 40k+ calories & that's with not running much during P90X. That's motivating to me as I think if I wouldn't have been doing it, I'd be 10+ lbs heavier...good luck!

  6. The one I got was around 80 and its blue at Target. There are some that dont count calories for much cheaper, but its one of my favorite features so I shelled out the extra dough.

  7. Thanks Dacon! I think I'm going to try to get one this weekend! I've been wanting one for a while, and I think it will help me to push myself!

  8. Thanks Gina - I need to check into it. The only downside is I usually wear New Balance shoes.