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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sick of Ice Cream

Yep, I am really sick of sweets! I had a milkshake for lunch yesterday, dinner yesterday, and ice cream for lunch today. I don't even like sweets that well to begin with, and I'm definitely ready for some real food! So much for losing weight...I'm just hoping I don't gain with all this crap I'm eating because it's my only option. I'm still feeling pretty good today though! I guess I got pretty lucky and don't have much pain. I would call it more of a sore or tenderness. It kind of feels like I just have a bruise on my jaw.

We rented a couple of movies at Red Box this morning so I'm just gonna take it easy again today because my pain meds make me really groggy. But I'm thinking I will work on some stuff around the house the next few days since I feel up to it. Hope everybody's having a good day!

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