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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a Crappy Week!

Wow this week has been stressful times 10! We got another offer on our house and negotiated back and forth and finally came to an agreement...but they backed out today before they signed the final papers. They wanted us to give even more than we already had agreed to, and we just had to draw the line somewhere. I have a splitting headache I'm so beyond frustrated and exhausted! So now we're back at square one...again!

I stuck to my Fruit & Veggie cleanse today...kinda. It was more like I just didn't eat today. Didn't plan for that, but I'm just too stressed and overwhelmed to eat. I had a couple of cherry tomatoes and grapes, but that's been about it. When I got home Sky wanted to go to pizza and I was about to give in. I had even gotten undressed to change and I stepped on the scale first and it appears that I will hit a new number tomorrow if I stick to my guns tonight. So I put my PJ's on and plan to go to bed early to avoid all the temptations of pizza and ice cream running through my head!

I know this is a lame way to lose weight...but I'll take whatever I can get right now. Especially when it comes to being in a bikini in 2 days! I know I will gain it all back this weekend too by drinking too much beer, but what do you do?! I have found though that once I see a number on the scale, it seems easier to hit it that's a plus. I'll hopefully find a new weight on that scale in the morning and then hopefully get back to it again next week.

Oh long weekend...thank you for finally getting here!!!


  1. Way to stick with it!

    I hope the housing situation works out soon!